National Stadium (Palau)

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Palau National Stadium
PCC Track and Field Stadium
Full name Palau National Stadium
Location Koror, Palau Palau
Coordinates 7.343314,134.47226
Owner Palauan government
Capacity 4000
Surface Natural grass
Palau Soccer Association (among many)

The Palau National Stadium (PCC Track & Field Stadium) is a multi-purpose sports stadium in Koror, Palau. It is used primarily for track and field events as well as many football matches. The stadium can seat 4000 people.[1]


The stadium is used by the Palau Soccer Association as a venue for the competitive football matches that it oversees, as well as being the home stadium for the Palau national football team.

The national stadium is used by the following teams and leagues:


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Coordinates: 7°20′36″N 134°28′20″E / 7.343314°N 134.47226°E / 7.343314; 134.47226