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House of Liberman on Bankova Street - office of the NWUU

The National Writers' Union of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Національна спілка письменників України) (НСПУ) is a voluntary social-creative association of professional writers, poets, prose writers, playwrights, critics, and translators.[1]


The NSPU was founded in 1934 as the Ukrainian SSR Union of Writers, a part of the Union of Soviet Writers, which was established in the same year.

In post-communist time, the Writers' Union of Ukraine declared its independence from any Soviet structures (1991).

In 1997 the Union split, losing some of its members who created a new organization, the Association of Ukrainian Writers.


Today the NSPU has over 1,800 members, including 84 writers living abroad. The majority of NSPU members write in the Ukrainian language, while others write in Russian, Moldavian, Yiddish, Hungarian, Greek, etc. Regional organizations of the Union are situated in every oblast centre of Ukraine and large cities.

The supreme body of the NSPU is the Congress of Ukrainian Writers, which is gathered in five years. In the between time, the Union is managed by the Council and Presidium of the NSPU. Executive functions are delegated to the Secretariat.

The NSPU has special literary awards to honour the best achievements in corresponding fields, among which are Lesia Ukrainka Prize, the Ivan Franko Prize, the Pavlo Tychyna Prize, the Maksym Rylsky Prize, "Blahovist" (Church Bells), and others.

The headquarters of the Union is located at 2 Bankova Street, the former residence of Trepov and later Liebermann.

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