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Talley (left) with The Ronettes

Nedra Talley, now known as Nedra Talley Ross (born January 27, 1946[1]), is an American singer best known as a former member of the girl group The Ronettes, in which she performed with her cousins Ronnie and Estelle Bennett.[2] She is of African American, Native American and Puerto Rican descent.[3] In 2007, the Ronettes were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[4]

In 1967, Talley and Estelle Bennett left the Ronettes, reportedly due in part to interference from the group's producer, and later Ronnie's husband Phil Spector.[4] Tally has stated that at the time of meeting Scott Ross she became a born again Christian. Feeling that, at that time, there was little place for Christian inspired music, played a part in that decision.[5]

In 1977 she recorded several Christian songs written by her church's music director, Ted Sandquist, these came out on the album The Courts of the King: The Worship Music of Ted Sandquist. One of the cuts, a medley, "Love of My Lord" / "Redwood Tree" was released as a 45 promo single. Guitarist Phil Keaggy also played on at least two of the album cuts with her. For its 30th anniversary this album was finally released on CD.

In 1978, she recorded Full Circle, a solo contemporary Christian music album, on which she was musically backed by guitar-virtuoso Phil Keaggy.[6] The album was produced by her husband, broadcaster Scott Ross. Interestingly enough the album's inner sleeve featured Nedra's bio (and salvation story), but also a photo taken in the mid-'60's aboard a plane with Nedra and fellow Ronette, Estelle Bennett, sharing seats with the Beatles' John Lennon and George Harrison, who were great fans of the Ronettes. The album has to date, never been re-released.

A four-disc set, Roger McGuinn's The Folk Den Project (1995-2005), featured the old folk song, "Follow the Drinking Gourd", as sung by McGuinn with Nedra providing the sole but prominent background vocal.

She is married to Scott Ross, a former DJ,[4] turned interviewer for The 700 Club on the Christian Broadcasting Network, and they have four children. Today she is a businesswoman working in real estate. She lives with her husband in Virginia Beach.[7]


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