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Talley (left) with The Ronettes

Nedra Talley, now known as Nedra Talley Ross (born January 27, 1946[1]), is an American singer best known as a former member of the girl group The Ronettes, in which she performed with her cousins Ronnie and Estelle Bennett.[2] She is of African American, Native American and Puerto Rican descent.[3] In 2007, the Ronettes were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.[4]

In 1967, Talley and Estelle Bennett left the Ronettes, reportedly due in part to interference from the group's producer, and later Ronnie's husband Phil Spector.[4] Tally has stated that at the time of meeting Scott Ross she became a born again Christian. Feeling that, at that time, there was little place for Christian inspired music, played a part in that decision.[5]

She also recorded Full Circle, a solo album, in 1978.[6][7]

She is married to Scott Ross, a former DJ,[4] turned interviewer for The 700 Club on the Christian Broadcasting Network, and they have four children. Today she is a businesswoman working in Real Estate. She lives with her husband in Virginia Beach.[8]


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