Neptune Towers

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Neptune Towers
Origin Kolbotn, Norway
Genres Dark ambient
Years active 1993-1995
Labels Moonfog, Peaceville
Associated acts Darkthrone, Storm, Isengard, Valhall, Dødheimsgard
Past members Fenriz

Neptune Towers was a dark ambient side project formed in 1993 by Fenriz of Darkthrone.[1] He released two albums under this name, Caravans to Empire Algol (1994) and Transmissions from Empire Algol (1995), both issued by Moonfog Productions.[2][3] Fenriz began recording a third Neptune Towers album, Space Lab, in 1994, but it was not finished. Both albums were reissued by Peaceville Records in 2012, with excerpts from Space Lab appended to Transmissions.[4]


Fenriz described Neptune Towers as "avant garde astral/alien synth",[5] and credited Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream and (former Tangerine Dream member) Klaus Schulze as influences for the music.[6][7][8]


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