Neta Harpaz

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Neta Harpaz
Date of birth 1893
Place of birth Kosów Lacki, Russian Empire
Year of aliyah 1909
Date of death 11 October 1970
Knessets 1
Faction represented in Knesset
1949–1951 Mapai

Neta Harpaz (Hebrew: נטע הרפז‎, born Neta Goldberg in 1893, died 11 October 1970) was a Zionist activist and Israeli politician.


Born in the village of Kosów Lacki near Siedlce in the Russian Empire (today in Poland), Harpaz was educated in a heder and yeshiva. He made aliyah to Ottoman-controlled Palestine in 1909. He joined the Poale Zion party, and in 1914 was elected to the central committee of Hapoel Hatzair. In 1919 he was amongst the founders and leadership of Ahdut HaAvoda (amongst Eliahu Golomb, Schlomo Kaplanski, and David Bloch), and also helped establish the Histadrut trade union. Harpaz was also a member of Po'alei Tzion.<ref>Zeev Sternhell, 2009. The Founding Myths of Israel: Nationalism, Socialism, and the Making of the Jewish State. Princeton University Press. p. 108. ISBN 1-4008-2236-X.<ref> He was also a member of the Provisional World Council for HeHalutz, and in 1926 became a member of the Agricultural Association and its director of the Department of Villages. He helped unionise workers in agricultural villages, and was amongst the founders of the Yakhin and Hekel food processing factories.

He served as a delegate to the Assembly of Representatives and was a member of the Jewish National Council. In the elections to the first Knesset in 1949, he was elected on the Mapai list. He lost his seat in the 1951 elections and died in 1970.

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