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Netball in Singapore
Country Singapore
National team Singapore
Registered players 80,000

There are 80,000 netball players in Singapore.[1] playing several variations of netball, including beach netball.[1] In Singapore, the SSC[clarification needed] is responsible for maintaining 8 netball courts.[2] Netball Singapore is the official governing body for the sport in Singapore.[1] It was created in 1962, with 63 registered clubs.[1]

International tournaments[edit]

In 1983, the country held the 1983 Netball World Championships.[1][3] In 2001, Singapore hosted the INFA World Congress.[1] In 2005, the country hosted the Asian Netball Championships.[1] In 2006, Netball Singapore created and hosted the first major Asian netball tournament: The Nations Cup.[1] The 13th World Netball Championships was held in Singapore in 2011.[1]

National team[edit]

Singapore has several national squads: Opens, 21 & Under, 19 & Under (Post School), 19 & Under (Schools), 17 & Under, and 14 & Under.[4] The national team competed in its first major tournament in 1967 at the Netball World Championships.[5] Singapore had a national team compete in the fifth Asian Netball Championships held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2001.[6] Singapore competed in the 7th Asian Youth Netball Championship held in 2010 in India.[7] As of August 2016, the women's national team was ranked number seventeenth in the world.[8]

Some of the top performances for the Singapore national netball teams include:

  • 2010 Nations Cup: Fourth Singapore[9]
  • 2010 Asian Youth Netball Championship: Third[5]

Professional league[edit]

In 2000, the professional Netball Super League (NSL) was formed.[5] The Netball Super League is a seven-week-long netball tournament developed to cater for elite players in Singapore.[10] It was established and is governed by Netball Singapore and six teams compete.[5] In 2004, the audience was big enough that the Netball Super League was broadcast on television.[5] The Stingrays came in second in 2008 and first in the 2009 competition.[10] The 2010 competition was won by the Malaysian Arowanas.[11]

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