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Neustadt (German for new town or new city) may refer to a number of places and other entities.


Map of places called Neustadt in Central Europe.


In Austria[edit]

In Belarus[edit]

In Canada[edit]

In the Czech Republic[edit]

In France[edit]

In Germany[edit]

In Hungary[edit]

In Poland[edit]

  • Neustadt in Oberschlesien; Prudnik, Poland
  • Neustadt in Westpreußen; Wejherowo, Poland

In Romania[edit]

In Russia[edit]

In Slovakia[edit]

In Ukraine[edit]

Fictional places[edit]

  • Neustadt is the hometown of the protagonist in Erich Kästner's children's book Emil and the Detectives
  • In the 1963 film The Great Escape the railway station near the prison camp, where many of the escaped prisoners are seen to board a train is named Neustadt
  • Playmobil's set numbers 4302, 4304, 4370, and 4382 train stations come with Neustadt signage. A Newcastle sign is usually included as well.


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