New Horizons (book)

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New Horizons
New horizons.jpg
Dust-jacket illustration by Stephen E. Fabian for New Horizons
Author edited by August Derleth
Cover artist Stephen E. Fabian
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction short stories
Publisher Arkham House
Publication date
1998 (1999)
Media type Print (hardback)
Pages xv, 299 pp
ISBN 0-87054-174-9
OCLC 40230833
813/.0876208 21
LC Class PS648.S3 N427 1998

New Horizons is an anthology of science fiction stories edited by August Derleth (died 1971). It was released posthumously by the specialty house publisher Arkham House in a hardcover edition of 2,917 copies. While the title page gives the date of publication as 1998, the book was not actually printed and released until 1999. The book is an anthology that Derleth had planned in the early 1960s, but never published.


New Horizons contains the following stories:

  1. "Introduction", by Joseph Wrzos
  2. Part I: Time Travel Before Tachyons
  3. Part II: Technological Triumphs: The Light Side
    • "The Feline Light and Power Company", by Jacque Morgan
    • "Solander's Radio Tomb", by Ellis Parker Butler
    • "The Perambulating Home", by Henry Hugh Simmons
  4. Part III: Global Catastrophe: Atlantean
  5. Part IV: Amazing Discoveries: The Flip Side
  6. Part V: Menace from Above: Local, Interstellar
  7. Appendix: August Derleth's Science Fiction Anthologies


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