New Jersey Conservative Party

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New Jersey Conservative Party
Leader Dr. Steven Maness, State Chairman
Founded 1992
Dissolved 2010
Ideology Nationalism,
States' rights,
Political position Right-wing

The New Jersey Conservative Party, once known as the NJCP, now CP-NJ was a conservative political party in New Jersey, United States.

Ideological base[edit]

The NJCP is similar to the Republican Party. It believes in low taxes, a balanced budget and job growth. They believe in the right to own private property, limiting welfare to individuals, ending government-supported health care, and limiting foreign aid. They favor states' rights, a strong military, anti-immigration laws, and term limits for congressmen.


The New Jersey Conservative Party was created in March 1992 by Tom Blomquist. In 1995, the party broke the record for the most third party candidates during one election in the history of New Jersey. This helped lead the NJCP to receiving 117,219 votes. In 2000, the New Jersey Conservative Party was involved in a lawsuit that permitted New Jersey voters to join third parties. In 2009 the parties state chairman asked registered members to change their party affiliation to Republican so they can vote for Steve Lonegan for Governor. On October 20, 2008 the state listed, 154 registered Conservative Party members statewide [1]. By doing this, State Chairman Stephen Spinosa effectively called for the end of his third-party movement in order to boost Lonegan's chances. February 19, 2010, the New Jersey Conservative Party signed an affiliation agreement with the national Conservative Party USA. On February 20, 2010 the New Jersey affiliate turned over their party membership to the national party for management in accordance with the affiliation agreement. On December 30, 2010, Dr. Steven Maness assumed New Jersey party leadership and Mr. Spinosa resigned.

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