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Logo of New Myanmar Foundation

New Myanmar Foundation (acronym: NMF) is a Civil society organisation foundation in Myanmar. It was established in January 2008. The foundation focuses on wide range of civil society development; election education and observation, civic engagement in political process, other education and trainings, developing the morality and good practices in democratic culture and donations.

NMF observed the 2010 Myanmar election and issued the credible observation report and recommendation. Again in 2012 Myanmar by-election, NMF had observed it and reported. NMF participated with the international election education and observation organisations in Myanmar as well as the regional observer in Asia. New Myanmar Foundation had the experience & the pioneer in Election observation, voter education and other election related issues in Myanmar. Experts from New Myanmar Foundation joined " Trainings and conferences in Austria, France, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Ireland, Thailand and different countries and also had experiences from Nepal , Bhutan , India , Bangladesh with the support of EU , The Asia Foundation , NDI and ANFREL.

NMF published several books, reports and Newsletters about training manuals for democracy, Voter educations, election observations and civil education. NMF runs with 5 core trainers and several gust trainers, five board of Directors, three researchers and 6 full time staffs. NMF has legal support from Myanmar Lawyers network and annual audit from respective audit Fund. NMF participates in Myanmar NGO network and work along with social activist groups and had support from international organisations such as Norwegian Aids, ANFREL, Asia Foundation and National Democratic Institute.

NMF is currently working on preparing and setting the nation-wide election education trainings and observation process in the upcoming 2015 Myanmar general elections. NMF is participating and co-ordinating with peer organisations and the international observation organisations.


  • To encourage civic engagement in political process
  • To build a developed country with "Education"
  • To support for developing in morality


People in Myanmar shall develop in morality and good practices in democratic culture.


"Building a strong Foundation for our society"