New Synagogue (Opole)

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New Synagogue in Oppeln (Opole)
Neue Synagoge Oppeln
Nowa Synagoga w Opolu
Opole Oppeln Alte Synagoge.jpg
AffiliationReform Judaism
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusDemolished in 1938[1]
LocationOppeln, Germany
Architect(s)Felix Henry
StyleMoorish Revival
Capacity600 (seated)

New Synagogue was a synagogue in Oppeln, Germany (today Opole, Poland). It was built in 1893–1897, designed by Felix Henry. During the Kristallnacht on 9–10 November 1938 Nazis forced Rabbi Hans Hirschberg to set the building on fire.[2]

Coordinates: 50°39′59″N 17°55′15″E / 50.66639°N 17.92083°E / 50.66639; 17.92083


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