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Newport High School is an all-girls school with academy status in Newport, Shropshire, England. The school was opened in the 1920s. The school is selective and is an all-girls intake. In 2003, the school started to take in a double intake of around 56 students a year and from 2013, the school has had an intake of 84 per annum which will increase to 90 in 2019. The school has also achieved Maths and Computing specialist status.

Newport Girls High school.


The state school originally had 4 houses, Curie, Cavell, Bronte and Keller, each named after famous women in history. The school recently changed these houses to 3 new houses, named Seacole, Roddam and Austen. Each house has a colour, Seacole (green), Roddam (yellow) and Austen (red) with a house captain from the sixth form assigned to each house. There are many events throughout the year in which the houses compete against each other to win the event, or in individual categories. These include competitions such as House Drama, House Bake Off, House Art/Photography, House Quiz, House Dance, House Board Games, House Charity and House Music, and also includes regular school events such as Sports Day. Students also participate in inter-house sports competitions, based on the half-term's focus.

Head Girl Team[edit]

The Head Girl Team at Newport Girls High School contributes to the social and cultural operations of the school through charity events and other extracurricular projects. There is also a Lower School Head Girl Team with a similar role.