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MTR In-Train TV
News and Advertising
Founded 2005
Headquarters Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

MTR In-Train TV (Chinese: 港鐵車廂電視), provides Cable TV news and infotainment programmes through LCD displays installed on board MTR trains.

The rates for advertising are 10 seconds for HK$20,000 and the advertising receives over one million views per day.[1][2]


Newsline Express on an East Rail Line SP1900

The service was started in 2005 by the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (then-called Newsline Express (Chinese: 新聞直線)), and at the time installed in every train compartment running on East Rail Line, West Rail Line and Ma On Shan Line. Metro Cammell trains of East Rail Line are equipped with wider LCD TVs (22 inch), while the rest on SP1900 is smaller (15 inch) but are due to be replaced with the larger screens in a future refurbishment.

The entry of C-Stock trains into service in December 2011 also launched the Newsline Express service on Kwun Tong Line, the first pre-merger MTR line to be equipped, with 22-inch LCD TVs equipped on those trains. South Island Line trains followed suit in December 2016, at which point the service was renamed as "In-Train TV". All future train orders, including the R-Train, EWL C-Train, and S-Train, will also be equipped with the service.

Quiet zones[edit]

Newsline Express on an Kwun Tong Line CRC-Stock EMU

To cater passengers' needs, quiet zones, in which all TV speakers are muted and only train announcements are made, are available on each train. The quiet zones are located on:

  • West Rail Line trains: 1st & 4th compartments for southbound, or, 4th and 7th compartments for northbound;
  • Ma On Shan Line trains: 3rd compartment for southbound, or, 2nd compartment for northbound;
  • East Rail Line trains: 1st, 4th, 9th (part) & 11th compartments for southbound, or, 2nd, 4th (part), 9th, 12th compartments for northbound;
  • Kwun Tong Line CRC-Stock EMU: 1st & 8th compartments.


The TVs for Newsline Express are sometimes criticized for being too noisy that their broadcasts can even be heard in the quiet car of the train.[3]


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