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Ngahere is located in West Coast
Coordinates: 42°23′57″S 171°26′16″E / 42.39917°S 171.43778°E / -42.39917; 171.43778
Country New Zealand
Region West Coast
District Grey District
Population (2006)
 • Total 345

Ngahere is a locality in the Grey District of the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island.[1] The 2006 New Zealand Census of Population and Dwellings gave the population of Ngahere and its surrounding area as 345, an increase of 9.5% or 30 people since the 2001 census.[2]

Ngahere is located on the south bank of the Grey River, and State Highway 7 and the Stillwater - Westport Line (SWL) railway pass through the village. The railway reached Ngahere when an extension was built from Brunner on 1 August 1889, and it was the line's terminus until a further section to Ahaura was opened on 14 February 1890. On 1 August 1910, Ngahere became a railway junction when the Blackball Branch was opened, and this branch line operated until a flood in 1966 destroyed its bridge across the Grey River. The branch was formally closed on 21 February 1966.[3] The next year, passenger trains through Ngahere on the SWL were cancelled; since this time, freight trains of coal have been the predominant traffic through Ngahere.[4]


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Coordinates: 42°24′S 171°27′E / 42.400°S 171.450°E / -42.400; 171.450