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ڭ‎ is an additional letter of the Arabic script, derived from kāf (ك‎) with the addition of three dots above the letter. It is not used in the Arabic language itself, but is used to represent a velar /ŋ/ when writing Turkic languages. In Ottoman Turkish, it represented the palatal /ɲ/ which, before merging, was the velar /ŋ/.

Its initial and medial forms are identical to ݣ, which represents /ɡ/ in some languages. However, their final and isolated forms are different.

Position in word: Isolated Final Medial Initial
Glyph form: ڭ‎ ـڭ‎ ـڭـ‎ ڭـ‎


The letter is used or has been used to write:

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