Nie Xiaoqian

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"Nie Xiaoqian"
Nie Xiaoqian illustration.jpg
19th-century illustration from Xiangzhu liaozhai zhiyi tuyong (Liaozhai with commentary and illustrations; 1886)
AuthorPu Songling
TranslatorSidney L. Sondergard
Published inStrange Stories from a Chinese Studio
Publication typeAnthology
Publication datec. 1740
Published in English2008
Preceded by"Yingning (婴宁)"
Followed by"The Sea Prince (海公子)"
Nie Xiaoqian
Traditional Chinese聶小倩
Simplified Chinese聂小倩

Nie Xiaoqian is a fantasy story in Pu Songling's short story collection Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, and the name of its female lead character.[1] Pu describes her appearance as "gorgeous; girl in paintings" (simplified Chinese: 艳绝;画中人; traditional Chinese: 艷絕;畫中人). The story has been adapted into numerous films and television dramas. The name is commonly rendered as Nip Siu Sin in Hong Kong adaptations according to its Cantonese pronunciation.


Nie Xiaoqian is introduced as a beautiful female ghost. She died at the age of 18 and was interred in an old temple in Jinhua, Zhejiang. Nie is coerced to participate in ritual murders in the service of a demon. A pale-faced scholar, Ning Caichen, is going to Beijing to take a civil service examination. Though Nie attempts to prey upon Ning Caichen, he resists her and takes her from her haunt. As Ning's sickly wife slowly dies, Nie fulfills expectations of filial piety as she takes upon the household chores. Once Ning's wife dies, he is free to pursue Nie. Nie's good works earn her humanity back. She and Ning marry and conceive a child, representative of Nie's restoration.[2]

Film and television[edit]

Year Title Chinese Title Actress References
1960 The Enchanting Shadow 《倩女幽魂》 Betty Loh Ti
1975 Chinese Folklore: Nie Xiaoqian 《民间传奇之聂小倩》 Wen Lau-mei
Blue Lamp in a Winter Night 《寒夜青灯》 Qin Meng
1981 Nie Xiaoqian 《聂小倩》 Geng Xiaolu
1982 Nie Xiaoqian 《聂小倩》 Chen Xiaoxu
1984 The Nocturnal Legends 《聊斋夜话之聂小倩》 Zhuang Jing'er
1987 A Chinese Ghost Story 《倩女幽魂》 Joey Wong [3][4]
1991 《古墓荒斋》 Hu Tian'ge
1994 Spirit in an Old Temple 《古庙倩魂》 Hui Juanyan
1995 Ghost Catcher - Legend of Beauty 《天师钟馗之倩女情仇》 Yu Xiaofan
1997 A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation 《小倩》 Anita Yuen/ Sylvia Chang
1999 People Love Ghost 《人鬼情缘》 Liu Mintao
2003 Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story 《倩女幽魂》 Barbie Shu
2004 The Qian Nü lost souls: Catch tianshi 《倩女失魂》 Wang Qian
2005 Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio 《新聊斋志异》 Yang Mi
2008 Love Stories in Ancient China 《中国古代爱情故事新编之小倩》 Jiang Yan
2010 Ghost Catcher - Legend of Beauty 《天师钟馗之血色鸳鸯》 Jenny Zhang [5]
2011 A Chinese Ghost Story 《倩女幽魂》 Liu Yifei [6]
2012 Hu Xian 《狐仙》 Choo Ja-hyun [7][8][9]


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