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Nigeria Women Premier League
Nigeria Women Football League logo.jpg
Country  Nigeria
Confederation CAF
Founded 1990
Number of teams 12
Domestic cup(s) Nigerian Women's Cup
Most championships Pelican Stars FC (7 titles)
2016 Nigeria Women Premier League

The Nigeria Women Premier League is the top flight of women's association football in Nigeria.[1][2] It is the women's equivalent of the men's top-flight league, the Nigeria Premier League.[3] It is regarded by the BBC as a pacesetter league for the African continent, with players earning as much as $300 monthly allowance and signup fees up to $2500. It also act as a hub for professional players from other West-African countries.[4] The Nigeria Women Football League organizes the Nigeria Women Premier League and the Nigeria Women Amateur League.


Female football in Nigeria started in 1978 with the foundation of the NIFFOA (Nigeria Female Football Organising Association), renamed NIFFPA (Nigeria Female Football Proprietors Associations) in 1979, and joined by clubs like Jegede Babes, Ufuoma Babes, Larry Angels, Kakanfo Babes and others. The first championship was organised by the NFA in 1990.

For 2013/14 the league was restructured and renamed to the Premier League. Twelve teams will play in a single division.[5]

The 2015 season saw the reintroduction of the group system for the league. A super six tournament was played at the end of the season to determine the overall winner. Rivers Angels topped group A in the regular season and went on to win the elite league of six teams.


The female top division league in Nigeria always follow groups pattern and a super 6 tournament at the end of the season. Group A and B normally consist of 10 teams each (20 in total). The top 3 teams of each group will form the super 6 league at the end of the regular season to determine the overall winner of league.

For the 2013/2014 season the NWPL department of the Nigeria Football Federation abolished the group format of the league and introduced an elite league formed from the top 6 teams in each group during the 2012/2013 season. The new elite league is to be called Nigeria Women Premier League while the remaining teams (10 clubs) will join other clubs to form a lower division league to allow promotion and relegation format.[6]

2013–14 season[edit]

Top division

Lower Division

Group A

  • FC Robo (Lagos)
  • Police Machines (Lagos)
  • Tokas Queens (Lagos)
  • COD Queens (Lagos)
  • Yaba Queens (Lagos)
  • Tewo Babes (Ibadan)

Group B

  • Matins White doves FC (Benin)
  • State House Queens (Abuja)
  • Abia Queens (Abia)
  • Capital City doves (Abuja)
  • Oguche Babes (Lokoja)
  • Beautiful tour Angels (Abuja)

2012–13 season[edit]

Statistics for 2012/2013 Season[edit]

  • Team with the highest cautions and expulsions: Sunshine Queens FC of Akure
  • Team with the least cautions and expulsions: Taraba Queens of Jalingo
  • Highest goal scorers: Asisat Oshoala (Rivers Angels)- 6 goals
  • Joy Bokiri (Bayelsa Queens) – 5 goals
  • Kalu Uche (Pelican Stars) – 4 goals
  • Total number of matches played 180x 2 = 360
  • Total number of matches won 155
  • Total number of matches lost 155
  • Total number of matches drawn 50
  • Total number of goals scored 464
  • Total number of home victories 133
  • Total number of away victories 22


The list of champions and runners-ups:[7][8]

Year Champions Runners-up
1990 Jedege Babes
1992 Ufuoma Babes
1993 Ufuoma Babes
1994 Rivers Angels SC Jedege Babes
1995 Ufuoma Babes Pelican Stars FC
1996 Ufuoma Babes
1997 Pelican Stars FC
1998 Pelican Stars FC
1999 Pelican Stars FC FCT Queens
2000 Pelican Stars FC FCT Queens
2001 Pelican Stars FC FCT Queens
2002 Pelican Stars FC FCT Queens
2003 Delta Queens FC FCT Queens
2004 Bayelsa Queens Pelican Stars FC
2005 Pelican Stars FC Bayelsa Queens
2006 Bayelsa Queens Nasarawa Amazons
2007 Bayelsa Queens Nasarawa Amazons
2008 Delta Queens FC Bayelsa Queens
2009 Delta Queens FC[9] Rivers Angels
2010 Rivers Angels [10] [A]
2011 Delta Queens FC River Angels SC
2012 Delta Queens FC River Angels SC
2013 Nassarawa Amazons[11] Rivers Angels
2014 Rivers Angels Pelican Stars FC
2015 Rivers Angels[12][13] Bayelsa Queens
2016 Rivers Angels [14] Nasarawa Amazons [15]

Most successful clubs[edit]

Club Champions Runners-Up Winning Seasons Runners-Up Seasons
Pelican Stars FC (Calabar)
1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005
Rivers Angels SC (Port Harcourt)
1994, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016
Ufuoma Babes (Warri)
1992, 1993, 1995, 1996
Delta Queens FC (Asaba)
2003, 2008, 2009, 2011
Bayelsa Queens (Yenagoa)
2004, 2006, 2007
Jedege Babes (Lagos)
Nasarawa Amazons (Nasarawa)


  1. ^ There was no Super 6 tournament this season but NFF gave the league to Rivers Angels after they finish top of group A in the regular season with Delta Queens finishing second


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