Nightbreed of Macabria

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Nightbreed of Macabria
Nightbreed of Macabria.jpg
Studio album by Theatres des Vampires
Released May 2004
Genre Gothic metal
Gothic rock
Length 01:06:56
Label Blackend Records
Theatres des Vampires chronology
"Nightbreed of Macabria"
Pleasure and Pain

Nightbreed of Macabria is the sixth studio album by the band Theatres des Vampires. This album is very different from their previous releases as it features a small amount of screams and black metal influence. This was Lord Vampyr's last album with Theatres des Vampires.

It is a concept album dealing with the fictional world of Macabria. The album was highly influenced by the works of American film producer Tim Burton.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Welcome to Macabria" R. Sciamanna Fabian 2:23
2. "A Macabre Banquet" Alexander Robert 4:10
3. "Lady in Black" Alexander Alexander, Robert, Fabian 4:17
4. "Angel of Lust" R. Sciamanna Robert 5:20
5. "Luciferia" Alexander Alexander 5:30
6. "Incubo I" R. Sciamanna Fabian 1:38
7. "Macabria" Alexander Alexander, Robert, Fabian 4:30
8. "The Jester's Shadow" R. Sciamanna Robert 4:03
9. "The Golden Sin" R. Sciamanna Fabian 4:28
10. "Carnival Day" R. Sciamanna Zimon, Alexander, Theatres des Vampires 4:48
11. "Incubo II" R. Sciamanna Fabian 1:13
12. "The Curse of Headless Christ" R. Sciamanna Alexander 5:48
13. "Mourning Day" Alexander Alexander, Fabian 4:14
14. "The Undertaker & the Crow" Alexander Fabian 4:33
15. "The Beginning of the End" Alexander Fabian 5:15
Total length: 66:56


  • Alexander − vocals, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Scarlet − vocals
  • Fabian − keyboards, samples, backing vocals
  • Robert − guitars, acoustic guitar
  • Zimon − bass
  • Gabriel − drums, backing vocals

Guest members[edit]

  • Claudia Cucinelli − choir
  • Francesco Grasso − choir
  • Stefano Dimitri − violins
  • Angela Moranti − viola
  • Marta Di Russo − cello
  • Erick Frontier − horns
  • Mauro Denti − wind instruments
  • R. Sciamanna − lyrics


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