Vampyrìsme, Nècrophilie, Nècrosadisme, Nècrophagie

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Vampyrìsme, Nècrophilie, Nècrosadisme, Nècrophagie
Vampyrìsme, Nècrophilie, Nècrosadisme, Nècrophagie.jpg
Studio album by Theatres des Vampires
Released January 1996
Recorded 1995
Genre Melodic black metal
Length 43:19
Label Garden of Grief
Producer Alessandro Nunziati
Theatres des Vampires chronology
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Vampyrìsme, Nècrophilie, Nècrosadisme, Nècrophagie
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Vampyrìsme, Nècrophilie, Nècrosadisme, Nècrophagie is the debut studio album by Italian band Theatres des Vampires. It was released on 1996 through Garden of Grief. The album's sound is significantly more raw than on subsequent releases. In 2003, a completely re-recorded version of this album was released as Vampyrìsme....

Drummer Agaharet would leave the band before the album's completion, leaving vocalist Lord Vampyr to finish it alone.

The album's title is French for "Vampirism, necrophilia, necrosadism, scavenging" – however, correct spelling in French would be Nécro- instead of Nècro-.

Track 1 opens with a passage of Bram Stoker's famous 1897 novel Dracula, while track 8 samples Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Requiem.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Lord Vampyr and Agaharet.

No. Title Length
1. "Intro/Twilight Kingdom" 4:29
2. "The Lands Beyond the Forest" 4:02
3. "Reborn in the Wood" 4:28
4. "Ancient Vampires" 5:33
5. "Woods of Valacchia" 7:07
6. "Within the Dark Domain" 6:47
7. "Upon the Darkest Mountain" 2:49
8. "While the Snow Turns Red" 3:38
9. "Vlad the Impaler" 4:21


  • Lord Vampyr (Alessandro Nunziati) – vocals, guitars, keyboards
  • Agaharet (Enrico De Dominicis) – drums
  • Count Morgoth (Roberto Cufaro) – keyboards
  • Domenico Mazzieri – executive production
  • Italo Angelozzi – recording