Moonlight Waltz

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Moonlight Waltz
Studio album by Theatres des Vampires
Released January 14, 2011 (Europe)
February 7, 2011 (North America)
Genre Gothic metal
Symphonic metal
Industrial metal
Length 57:24
Label Italy Dreamcell11/Aural Music/Audioglobe
European Union Soulfood/Sony Music
Russia MVD Entertainment
Mexico Scarecrow Records/Oz Productions
Producer Christian Ice
Theatres des Vampires chronology
Anima Noir
Moonlight Waltz
Moonlight Waltz Tour 2011
Limited edition cover

Moonlight Waltz is the ninth studio album by the Italian gothic metal band Theatres des Vampires. A music video for the song "Carmilla" was filmed on August 28 and 29,[when?] directed by David Bracci, who worked on most of Dario Argento's films in the past decade and directed the "Lilith Mater Inferorum" music video.[1]

Is the moon tired? She looks so pale
Within her misty veil:
The scales of the sky from east to west,
And takes no rest.
Before the coming of the night
The moon shows papery white;
Before the dawning of the day
She fades away.

— Booklet of Moonlight Waltz, originally from "Sing-Song" by Christina Georgina Rossetti

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Keeper of Secrets" (feat. Snowy Shaw) Sonya Scarlet Fabian Varesi 5:25
2. "Fly Away" Luca Bellanova Luca Bellanova 3:31
3. "Moonlight Waltz" Sonya Scarlet
with quotes from Christina Rossetti
Fabian Varesi 4:28
4. "Carmilla" Sonya Scarlet
with quotes from Sheridan Le Fanu
Fabian Varesi 4:59
5. "Sangue" Sonya Scarlet Fabian Varesi 3:59
6. "Figlio della Luna" (Mecano cover) José María Cano José María Cano 4:22
7. "Black Madonna" Sonya Scarlet Fabian Varesi, Stephan Benfante 4:59
8. "Illusion" Sonya Scarlet Fabian Varesi 5:01
9. "Le Grand Guignol" (feat. Cadaveria) Sonya Scarlet Fabian Varesi, Stephan Benfante 3:57
10. "Obsession" Sonya Scarlet Christian Ice 4:25
11. "The Gates of Hades" Sonya Scarlet
with quotes from Horace
Fabian Varesi 3:32
12. "Medousa" (feat. Eva Breznikar) Sonya Scarlet Fabian Varesi, Stephan Benfante 4:37
13. "Carmilla" (Radio edit, bonus track on all versions except iTunes) Sonya Scarlet Fabian Varesi 4:06
Total length: 57:24
Limited Edition Bonus DVD
  1. Carmilla [Official Video]
  2. The Making of Carmilla
  3. The Drummer Solo
  4. Moonlight Waltz Photo Session Backstage And Interviews
  5. Photo Gallery
  6. Credits


Guest members[edit]

  • Luca Bellanova (Temple of Noise arranger, Starkiller Sound) – Cello, guitars, male backing vocals, orchestral direction, orchestral arrangement and songwriting (track 2)
  • Christian Ice (Temple of Noise producer, Starkiller Sound) – Guitars, male backing vocals (harsh), songwriting (track 10)
  • Giorgia Martinez Pascucci (Santa Cecilia young orchestra) – Violin
  • Mario Fibonacci – Extra strings
  • Eliza Pezzuto (Eli) – Female backing vocals and extra vocals on "Figlio della Luna"
  • Marco Benevento (The Foreshadowing) – Male vocals on "Black Madonna"
  • Cadaveria (Opera IX) – Female scream on "Le Grand Guignol"
  • Snowy Shaw (Therion, Mercyful Fate, Notre Dame) – Male vocals on "Keepers of Secrets"
  • Eva Breznikar (Laibach) – Female vocals on "Medousa"
  • Sofia – Child vocals on "Keepers of Secrets"


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