Anima Noir

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Anima Noir
Studio album by Theatres des Vampires
Released April 25, 2008
Genre Gothic metal
Industrial metal
Length 45:19
Label Italy Aural Music/Audioglobe
European Union Aural Music/SPV
France Aural Music/Season of Mist
Producer Christian Ice
Theatres des Vampires chronology
Desire of Damnation
Anima Noir
Moonlight Waltz
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Metalcrypt 3.5/5 stars [1]
Revolution-music 4.5/6 stars [2]
Metalnews 2/7 stars [3]
Gothronic (7.5/10) [4]
Stalker (7/10) [5]
Metal District (6/10) [6]
Metal Rage (6.5/10) [7]

Anima Noir is the eighth studio album by the Italian gothic metal band Theatres des Vampires.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Sonya Scarlet, except for track 3. Extra arrangements by Christian Ice and Luca Bellanova.

No. Title Music Length
1. "Kain" Fabian Varesi, Hanna Kej 4:33
2. "Unspoken Words" Fabian Varesi, Stephan Benfante 4:55
3. "Rain" (The Cult cover) Ian Astbury, Billy Duffy 4:00
4. "Dust" Fabian Varesi 4:48
5. "From the Deep" Fabian Varesi 5:17
6. "Blood Addiction" Fabian Varesi, Stephan Benfante, Hanna Kej 4:07
7. "Butterfly" Fabian Varesi, Stephan Benfante, Hanna Kej 4:12
8. "Wherever You Are" Fabian Varesi, Icy X 4:52
9. "Two Seconds" Fabian Varesi, Icy X 4:09
10. "Anima Noir" Fabian Varesi, Zimon Lijoi 4:20
Total length: 45:19


Guest members[edit]