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Nik & Eva Speakman
BornNik Speakman
(1961-12-07) 7 December 1961 (age 57)
Eva Speakman
(1969-04-30) 30 April 1969 (age 50)
ResidenceLittleborough, England
OccupationSchema Conditioning Therapists[1]
WebsiteOfficial website

Nik Speakman (born 7 December 1961)[2][3][4] and Eva Speakman (born 30 April 1969),[3][4] known collectively as The Speakmans, are British therapists and life coaches.


Nik Speakman started a finance company, Personal Money Management, aged 26 with his former partner and was working as a success coach at the time of his and Eva's 2005 appearance in That's Rich, a Granada Television series focusing on entrepreneurs in the north west of England.[5] Eva Speakman ran the Heavenly Bodies gym in Oldham, at the time of the show.[5]

The Speakmans were subsequently hosts of a Living TV show, A Life Coach Less Ordinary, and in 2007 published a book, You Can Be Fantastic, Too!.[6] The couple hosted a television pilot for the American FOX network, Panic Attack, in 2010.[7]

A second daytime television show, The Speakmans, was broadcast by ITV. In The Speakmans they attempted to 'successfully treat ordinary people with extraordinary problems'.[8] The show aired for 20 episodes, beginning on 14 July 2014.[9]

The Speakmans are regular columnists in 'Love It Magazine'. The couple regularly appears on ITV's This Morning hosting a segment about anxiety issues and phobias.

The Speakmans use 'schema conditioning psychotherapy' to 'find and tackle the root cause of anxiety disorders'.[10] Nik Speakman said of their approach on their television series that "We're really hoping people will look at it and think: 'I can apply that to my life.' Even if it’s an entirely different problem, ultimately our therapy is the same...That’s what we want. There's no need for anyone to suffer. There is absolute hope for everyone."[10] The Speakmans also believe in "practising gratitude", asserting that "Everybody’s got problems and issues but equally everybody has got amazing things to be thankful for."[10]

Therapeutic techniques utilized by the couple include putting clients into a DeLorean sports car in order to 'travel 'back to the future' to confront past demons', a reference to the DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Future film series.[2] The Speakmans presented a DeLorean car to the former Liberal Member of Parliament for Rochdale, Sir Cyril Smith, at his 80th birthday party in 2008.[11]

Noted celebrity clients of the Speakmans have included Peter Andre, Kerry Katona, Kym Marsh, Liz McClarnon, Katie Price, Holly Willoughby and Jeremy Kyle.[2][10][12]

The Speakmans have diplomas in an unspecified subject from Newcastle University,[4] but are not accredited psychotherapists.

In December 2015, The Speakmans appeared on BBC Radio 2's Breakfast Show with Sara Cox [13]

Personal life[edit]

The Speakmans have lived in Littleborough near Rochdale in Greater Manchester since 2000.[14][10] The Speakmans converted their house from a former pub and restaurant into a nine-bedroomed house.[2] The couple put their house up for sale in 2010 as they worked on the Panic Attack pilot in the United States, and planned to move to the south of England owing to their work in London and America.[2]

The couple have two children, Olivia and Hunter, and are supporters of a local children's home, the Duke Bar Burnley Wood NCH Children's Centre[15], and are Celebrity Ambassadors of Variety Children's Charity.[16]


In October 2017, the Speakmans were awarded a Legends of Industry Award for their contribution to the Therapeutic/Motivational Industry.[17]


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