Ninawa governorate election, 2005

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Ninawa Governorate election, 2005
30 January 2005 (2005-01-30) → 2009

All 41 seats for the Ninawa Governorate council
Turnout 17%
  First party Second party
  Massoud Barzani Abdul Aziz al-Hakim
Leader Massoud Barzani Abdul Aziz al-Hakim
Seats won 31 5
Seat change Increase31 Increase5
Popular vote 109,295 17,255
Percentage 65.87% 10.4%
Swing Increase65.87% Increase10.4%

  Third party Fourth party
  Tariq al-Hashimi
Leader Tariq al-Hashimi
Party Iraqi Islamic Party Council of the United Clans of Mosul
Seats won 2 2
Seat change Increase2 Increase2
Popular vote 7,065 6,624
Percentage 4.26% 4%
Swing Increase4.26% Increase4%

Governor of Babil before election

Duraid Kashmoula

Subsequent Governor

Duraid Kashmoula

The Governorate Council election in the Ninawa governorate of Iraq was held on January 30, 2005, simultaneously with the national legislative election. The province is largely a mix of Sunnis and Kurds, but there is also a significant Shi'ite presence. Despite making the vast majority, almost all Sunni Arabs boycotted the election, leading to the Kurdish party winning almost all of the seats.


The council voted for the independent Sunni Arab, Duraid Mohammed Kashmula, to continue as governor. His brother, Usama Yousif Kashmula, had been appointed as governor of Ninawa Governorate in 2003 by the Coalition Provisional Authority, and Duraid succeeded Usama after he was assassinated in July 2004.[1]

Party Arabic name Votes Percent Seats
Democratic Patriotic Alliance of Kurdistan al-Qaima al-Watania ad-Dimoqratia al-Kurdistania 109,295 65.9% 31
Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq al-Majlis al-Ala lil-Thawra al-Islamia fi'l-'Iraq 17,255 10.4% 5
Iraqi Islamic Party al-Hizb al-Islami al-'Iraqi 7,065 4.2% 2
Council of the United Clans of Mosul Majlis Ashair al-Mawsal al-Muhwahid 6,624 4.0% 2
National Rafidain List al-Qaima ar-Rafidain al-Watania 4,650 2.8% 1
Iraqi National Unity Assembly Tajammu al-Wahida al-Watania al-'Iraqi 3,908 2.3% 0
Reconciliation and Liberation Bloc Kutla al-Musalaha wa't-Tahrir 3,352 2.0% 0
Turkoman Front of Iraq Jubha Turkoman al-'Iraq 2,994 1.8% 0
Iraqi Independent Group al-Hia al-'iraqia al-Mustaqila 2,607 1.6% 0
Democratic Two Rivers Alliance Aintlaf ar-Rafidain ad-Dimuqrati 2,315 1.4% 0
National Front for the Unity of Iraq al-Jabha al-Watania li-Wahidat al-'Iraq 2,092 1.3% 0
Iraqi Communist Party al-Hizb ash-Shuyu'i al-'Iraqi 1,041 0.6% 0
National League of Leaders and Sheiks of
Iraqi Clans - National Clans Organization
903 0.5% 0
Party of the Chaldean Democratic Union Hizb al-Ittihad ad-Dimuqrati al-Kaldani 750 0.4% 0
Democratic Construction Party Hizb al-Bina' ad-Dimuqrati 560 0.3% 0
Kurdistan Conservative Party Hizb al-Muhafizeen al-Kurdistani 523 0.3% 0
Total valid votes: 165,934 100% 41
Invalid votes: 864


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