Nissim Amon

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Nissim Amon
Nissim Amon (2014)
Nissim Amon (2014)
(Photo: Reuven Kopitchinski)
Born ניסים אמון
1963 (age 54–55)
Jerusalem, Israel
Nationality Israeli
Occupation Author
Zen Master
Meditation teacher
Known for Trilotherapy method

Nissim Amon (Hebrew: ניסים אמון; born 1963) is an Israeli Zen master and meditation teacher. He is the developer of the Trilotherapy therapeutic system. He is also the author and translator of several books and publications.


Nissim Amon was born in Jerusalem in 1963 to a secular family. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces under the Nahal Brigade and fought in the Lebanon War.[1] After his military service, he went on a trip to the Far East and became acquainted with Buddhism.

Amon later returned to Israel, flew back to the Far East and joined a Zen Buddhist monastery in Korea where he underwent a curriculum in English for western monks. At that time, westerners were not required to undergo the long mentorship period as that of their Korean counterparts. At the Hwa Gye Sa monastery he became the first Israeli monk in Korea. Under the guidance of Zen Master Seung Sahn, he received his accreditation as a meditation teacher. Afterwards, he continued on to Japan there he joined the dojo of Zen Master G. W. Nishijima of the Soto Zen order. There, Amon was trained and certified as a Zen Master. From there he continued to Pune and taught Zen at Osho's Multiversity. There he was exposed to various therapeutic methods which combined Zen Buddhism and western psychological approaches, first amongst which was the Gestalt approach.

Upon his return to Israel, he established a class for higher consciousness at Madison college and managed it. He published several books on the topic of meditation and hosted groups and retreats. His claim to fame was when he hosted a television program entitled Sod Ha Osher Ha Pnimi (The Secret of Internal Happiness) on Israeli Channel 8.

Amon married Merav and in 2001 and moved to the Greek island, Paros where he established, along with his partners, a meditation and retreat center called Tao's. During the time in which he managed Tao's he completed the development of his Trilotherapy therapeutic system.[2] In the Trilotherapy system, the therapist turns to two separate entities in the patient's personality, the intellect and the emotion – "The Internal Children" according to the theory, and communicates with them separately.[3] This communication awakens a third entity – The Middle, "The Parent" which, according to the theory, embodies the "True Self" towards which the path of Zen is aimed.

In 2008, Amon returned to Israel and currently resides with his family in Amikam in northern Israel.[1]


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