No Gravity (Kiko Loureiro album)

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No Gravity
No gravity.jpg
Studio album by Kiko Loureiro
Released March 10, 2005
Genre Progressive metal, instrumental rock
Length 54:04
Label Replica
Producer Dennis Ward
Kiko Loureiro chronology
No Gravity
Universo Inverso

No Gravity is the first solo album of Brazilian heavy metal guitarist Kiko Loureiro. Kiko recorded with Mike Terrana in drums. It had a worldwide release in 2005. Both a "No Gravity" songbook and a playback CD were also issued and are highly sought-after by musicians and fans alike.

The title, "No Gravity" comes from the feeling that musicians feels while playing. "The further we know and dominate the rational and mathematical part of the music, the intuitive parts take control of us and really take us to 'travel' with the music we're playing. It's this point that the musician wanna hit the people, but he must achieve with himself first. For this feeling I have chosen this term: 'No Gravity'" [1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Enfermo" - 04:02
  2. "Endangered Species" - 05:10
  3. "Escaping" - 05:34
  4. "No Gravity" - 04:23
  5. "Pau-de-Arara" - 07:00
  6. "La Force de L'âme" - 04:32
  7. "Tapping Into My Dark Tranquility" - 02:12
  8. "Moment of Truth" - 04:29
  9. "Beautiful Language" - 02:00
  10. "In a Gentle Way" - 05:33
  11. "Dilemma" - 04:12
  12. "Feliz Desilusão" - 03:39
  13. "Choro de Criança" - 01:10



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