Universo Inverso

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Universo Inverso
Universo Inverso.jpg
Studio album by Kiko Loureiro
Released September 23, 2006
Genre Heavy metal, Jazz fusion
Length 55:33
Label Victor Entertainment/Seoul
Producer Dennis Ward
Kiko Loureiro chronology
No Gravity
Universo Inverso

Universo Inverso is the second solo album of Brazilian Heavy metal guitarist Kiko Loureiro. Like No Gravity, "Universo Inverso" is totally instrumental. This album have strong influences of Jazz and Bossa Nova, being considered a Brazilian fusion.

"I always liked adventuring into different musical styles. I tried to know different styles and searched my own musical identity going through many sources. Even being rock, I tried to include my natural music, the 'Brasileiras' music.

This work is the result of all this willing. Wish to create, to play and to live a music that I always listened, played and dreamed to be able to play. An art that cannot be dominated one day to another and that I need too much dedication and effort to this exspected moment show people and let my mark, even small, in the huge world of the musical art."[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Feijão de Corda" - 5:34
  2. "Ojos Verdes" - 6:26
  3. "Havana" - 5:27
  4. "Anastácia" - 6:18
  5. "Monday Mourning" - 4:21
  6. "Arcos da Lapa" - 4:19
  7. "Samba da Elisa" - 4:39
  8. "Camino a Casa" - 5:21
  9. "Realidade Paralela" - 5:44
  10. "Recuerdos" - 4:41
  11. "Espera Aí" - 2:40



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