No Surrender, No Retreat (Babylon 5)

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"No Surrender, No Retreat"
Babylon 5 episode
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 15
Directed byMike Vejar
Written byJ. Michael Straczynski
Production code415
Original air dateMay 26, 1997
Guest appearance(s)

Ken Jenkins (Capt. Trevor Hall)
Marcia Mitzman Gaven (Cmdr. Sandra Levitt)
Richard Gant (Capt. Edward MacDougan)
Neil Bradley (Cmdr. Robert Philby)

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Moments of Transition"
Next →
"The Exercise of Vital Powers"
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"No Surrender, No Retreat" is a key episode from the fourth season of the science-fiction television series Babylon 5. The episode also gives its name to the entire fourth season of the series, thus emphasizing its importance.


After learning that Earth Alliance ships have fired on and destroyed civilian refugee ships, Sheridan commits to fighting back against President Clark and those loyal to him. He instructs the League of Non-Aligned Worlds that any non-aggression treaty with Earth should be considered null & void in exchange for the continued support of his White Star fleet, but asks them to remain neutral in his fight with Earth. G'Kar affirms Narn's support, but Mollari is hesitant about speaking up for the Centauri.

Sheridan's first target is the Proxima 3 colony, which is being held by several Earth Alliance destroyer-class vessels in its orbit. Sheridan knows two of the ships were responsible for the attacks on the civilian ships, and learns at least two others have taken steps to avoid any attacks. He believes he may be able to sway those and other vessels to his side, rejecting the illegal orders given by Clark in attacking the colony. Sheridan plans a multi-wave arrival as to split the fleet's attention. When Sheridan's fleet of White Stars and Starfuries arrive, the Alliance fleet commander Captain Trevor Hall has his ship start attacking and orders the other destroyers to follow suit, despite Sheridan's broad announcement that they are violating several treaties by holding Proxima 3. Sheridan is contacted by Captain Edward McDougan, an old friend of Sheridan's from his academy days, and asserts his vessel will not become involved. While Hall attempts to have McDougan relieved of command by his second-in-command, the crew restrain him, and McDougan reaffirms they will not follow Hall's orders. Two other ships follow McDougan's lead; one leaves via a jump gate, while the other stands down. Eventually, as the battle turns in Sheridan's favor, Hall's second-in-command, Commander Sandra Levitt, relieves Hall of command, and offers their surrender, ending the battle.

With the Proxima 3 colony free of Earth Alliance forces, Sheridan meets the remaining Earth Alliance captains, and gives them three options: either allowing them to return to Earth, stay behind to help protect Proxima 3 from further Earth attacks, or to join his fleet as they move on towards Earth. After they discuss the matter among themselves, Captain McDougan tells Sheridan that two of their destroyers will be joining his fleet, while another will remain to protect the colony and the last seeking repairs and to turn Captain Hall in for captivity.

Back on Babylon 5, Mollari approaches G'Kar in his quarters, and meekly asks for G'Kar's forgiveness for his bad decisions over the last two years that led to the Centauri-Narn war and the loss of G'Kar's eye. Mollari offers that if he and G'Kar signed a mutual agreement of support for Sheridan's efforts, it will send a strong message to the other Non-Aligned Worlds, as well as the hope for peace in the future. Mollari pours a drink for both of them as a sign of agreement as well as to re-establish their friendship, but G'Kar pours the drink back into its flask. Later, Mollari is at one of the station's bars, when G'Kar approaches him, and has a drink. G'Kar then agrees to sign the mutual agreement, as long as they do not sign on the same page. Mollari smiles after G'Kar's departure. Former Security Chief Garibaldi decides to permanently leave Babylon 5 to work for the powerful but mysterious businessman William Edgars on the Mars Colony.

Arc significance[edit]

  • Garibaldi moves to Mars.
  • The reconciliation begins between Londo and G'Kar.

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