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Nordstrand stasjon.JPG
Location Nordstrand, Oslo
Coordinates 59°51′49″N 10°47′09″E / 59.8637°N 10.7859°E / 59.8637; 10.7859Coordinates: 59°51′49″N 10°47′09″E / 59.8637°N 10.7859°E / 59.8637; 10.7859
Elevation 40 m (130 ft)
Line(s) Østfold Line
Distance 5.95 m (19.5 ft)
Tracks 2
Other information
Fare zone 1
Opened 31 May 1880 (1880-05-31)
Electrified 9 December 1936
Nordstrand is located in Akershus
Location within Akershus

Nordstrand Station (Norwegian: Nordstrand stasjon) is the first stop on the Østfold Line after Oslo Central Station. The station lies within the Nordstrand borough of the Oslo municipality. The station is served by the Oslo Commuter Rail's L2 services from Skøyen Station via Oslo S to Ski Station. Nordstrand station was opened in 1880. It lies 5.95 km from Oslo S.

The station was the scene of a serious railway accident on October 3, 1993, when the brakes on a NS Class 6400 failed, causing it to roll northwards, in the wrong direction, from Rosenholm Station before crashing into a local passenger train at Nordstrand, killing five passengers.[1]

Preceding station Line Following station
Oslo S Østfold Line Ljan
Preceding station Local trains Following station
Oslo S L2 SkøyenOslo SSki   Ljan


  1. ^ Storulykker i Norge de siste 20 årene (Major accidents in Norway the last 20 years) Snorre Sklet. Nordstrand accident described on page 145. (Norwegian)

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