Norway women's national ice hockey team

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Nickname(s) The Polar Bears
Association Norwegian Ice Hockey Federation
General Manager Randi Aase
Head coach Laura Rollins
Assistants Marte Carlsson
Thomas Pettersen
Captain Ingrid Morset
Most games Hege Ask (85)[1]
Most points Line Bialik (74)
Team colors               
Kit left arm Norway red.png
Team colours
Kit body Norway red.png
Team colours
Kit right arm Norway red.png
Team colours
Team colours
Home colours
Kit left arm Norway blank.png
Team colours
Kit body Norway blank.png
Team colours
Kit right arm Norway blank.png
Team colours
Team colours
Away colours
Current IIHF 13 Decrease2
Highest IIHF 10 (first in 2012)
Lowest IIHF 15 (first in 2005)
First international
  Switzerland 5–2 Norway 
(31 December 1988; Copenhagen, Denmark)
Biggest win
 Norway 16–0 Netherlands 
(6 April 1989; Ratingen, West Germany)
Biggest defeat
 United States 17–0 Norway 
(21 March 1990; Ottawa, Canada)
IIHF World Women's Championships
Appearances 15 (first in 1990)
Best result 6th (1990, 1992, 1994)
IIHF European Women Championships
Appearances 5 (first in 1989)
Best result 3rd, bronze medalist(s) (1993)
International record (W–L–T)

The Norwegian women's national ice hockey team is the women's national ice hockey team in Norway. The team represents Norway at the International Ice Hockey Federation's IIHF World Women's Championships and is controlled by Norges Ishockeyforbund. Norway has 482 registered female players in 2011.[2]

Tournament record[edit]

Olympic Games[edit]

Norway has never participated in the Women's hockey Olympic tournament.

World Championship[edit]

Norway participated in every World Women's Championship, realizing its best performance during the first three tournaments by garnering a sixth-place finish. In 1999, it failed to qualify for Group A, and has since competed in the lower levels. From 2001 until 2005, the Norwegian players competed in series to be relegated or promoted between the first and second division. Since 2007, they have competed in Division I. Of note, the National Under-18 team competes in Division I for its respective category.

Year Result
1990 6th
1992 6th
1994 6th
1997 8th
1999 10th and 2nd in Group B
2000 11th and 3rd in Group B
2001 15th and 7th in Group B
2003 15th and 1st in Division II
2004 14th and 5th in Division I
2005 15th and 1st in Division II
2007 13th and 4th in Division I
2008 14th and 5th in Division I
2009 12th and 3rd in Division I
2011 10th and 2nd in Division I
2012 10th and 2nd in Division IA
2013 13th and 5th in Division IA
2014 10th and 2nd in Division IA
2015 13th and 5th in Division IA
2016 13th and 5th in Division IA
2017 11th and 3rd in Division IA

European Women Championship[edit]

2011 roster[edit]


Number Player Club
25 Christine Smestad Norway IL Jutul
20 Jorid Dagfinrud Øiestad United States North Dakota Fighting Sioux
1 Kaja Rokeness Norway Sparta Warriors
Number Player Club
21 Marte Osteraas Norway Sparta Warriors
19 Rikke Tautra Norway Vålerenga Ishockey
16 Silje Holos Sweden Brynäs IF
12 Ingrid Morset Sweden Modo Hockey
7 Hege Ask Norway Vålerenga Ishockey
6 Hedda Gjerde Sweden Modo Hockey
5 Mie Iversen Sweden Segeltorps IF
2 Monica Eileen Johansen Norway Sparta Warriors
Number player Club
26 Martine Henriksen Norway Manglerud Star Ishockey
24 Sonia Celine Strandrud Norway IL Jutul
22 Andrea Schjelderup Dalen Sweden Linköpings HC
21 Madelen Hansen Norway Sparta Warriors
18 Birgitte Lersbryggen Sweden Segeltorps IF
15 Victoria Christine Lovdal Norway Stjernen Hockey
14 Marte Carlsson Norway Sparta Warriors
13 Anne Kanutte Fladeby Norway Holmen Red Eagles
11 Line Oien, Captain Sweden Segeltorps IF
10 Helene Martinsen Sweden Segeltorps IF
9 Henriette Sletbak Sweden Brynäs IF
8 Ingvild Farstad Norway Rosenborg IHK
4 Ingrid Renli Norway Vålerenga Ishockey
3 Elise Hauan Dahl Norway Astor IK


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