Not Alone (album)

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Not Alone
Compilation album by Multiple Artists
Released February 2006

Not Alone is a compilation album of five CDs, released in February 2006. It was curated by Mark Logan, founder of Busted Flat records and David Tibet. Proceeds from the sale of Not Alone are donated to Médecins Sans Frontières, specifically towards their work on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. As of November 2014, the project has generated $35,500 CAD in donations to M.S.F.

Track listing[edit]

CD 5[edit]

  1. Marc Almond - "Our Love My Madness"
  2. Simon Finn - "Crow Flies"
  3. Stephanie Volkmar - "The Gate of Polished Horn"
  4. Small Creatures - "City of Dreams"
  5. Thee Majesty - "Thee Seeding Ship"
  6. Jim O'Rourke - "Naoru"
  7. Scott Stapleton - "Shadow Makes a Snow Angel"
  8. John Maslen - "Everything Was Handed Down"
  9. Jooel - "Over the Sea"
  10. Ghostigital - "Bump"
  11. Amy Curl - "The Robin's Tiny Throat"
  12. srmeixner - "Wild Spaces (excerpt)
  13. Mount Vernon Arts Lab -
  14. Coil - "Broccoli" (Taken from 2004 July 25 live performance.)
  15. Shock Headed Peters - "Aaron's Rod"
  16. Ghost - "Daggma"

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