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Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost

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Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost
Studio album by
Released16 June 2005
StudioHallucinogen Sound Labs, Wiltshire
LabelTwisted Records United Kingdom
ProducerSimon Posford, Raja Ram
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Tales of the Inexpressible
Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost
Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland
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Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost is a 2005 album by Shpongle. It is the project's third and was announced as their last, though that plan later changed. Like the previous two albums, it features many live musicians and vocalists in combination with computer-generated sounds and spoken-word samples. Stylistically the album can be described as a fusion of world music, intelligent dance music, and psychedelic trance. It is dedicated in memory of author and psychedelic researcher Terence McKenna, whose voice and ideas are used throughout the album. The tracks flow together continuously without any break.

According to Simon Posford,[2] the album actually has 8 songs divided into 20 tracks. Each part symbolizes a phase in the dream sequence. The vinyl version of the album is separated into these 8 tracks, but the track listing is identical to that of the digital and CD versions.

Track listing[edit]

1."Botanical Dimensions"4:37
2."Outer Shpongolia"2:33
3."Levitation Nation"3:40
4."Periscopes of Consciousness"1:54
5."Schmaltz Herring"2:21
6."Nothing Lasts..."4:28
7."Shnitzled in the Negev"4:18
8."...But Nothing Is Lost"4:39
9."When Shall I Be Free?"4:37
10."The Stamen of the Shamen"4:11
11."Circuits of the Imagination"3:12
12."Linguistic Mystic"1:36
15."Molecular Superstructure"4:47
16."Turn Up the Silence"3:22
18."Connoisseur of Hallucinations"3:31
19."The Nebbish Route"3:36
20."Falling Awake"1:50
Total length:67:30

All tracks written by Simon Posford and Raja Ram, except track 19 (S. Posford, R. Ram, P. Callard) and track 20 (P. Callard).[3]


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Shpongle Live[edit]

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