Nyasaland general election, 1964

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General elections were due to be held for the Legislative Council in Nyasaland on 28 April 1964. There were two voter rolls, a general roll for the black population that elected 50 members, and a special roll for white voters that elected three members. 1,871,790 people were registered on the general roll, whilst only 814 were on the special roll.[1] However, there were no opposition candidates to either the Malawi Congress Party in the general roll seats (the Nyasaland Asian Convention had dissolved itself declared its support for the MCP),[1] or the Nyasaland Constitutional Party in the special roll seats, resulting in all 53 candidates winning without votes being cast.

MCP leader Hastings Banda remained as Prime Minister, leading it to independence on 6 July that year.


Party General roll seats Special roll seats Total seats
Malawi Congress Party 50 0 50
Nyasaland Constitutional Party 0 3 3
Total 50 3 53
Source: EISA


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