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OPSM (Optical Prescription Spectacle Makers) is a retailer of eye glasses in Australia and New Zealand, with locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. It is owned by EssilorLuxottica, a French-Italian eyewear conglomerate.

OPSM's CEO since October 2020 is Matteo Accornero.


OPSM was founded in Sydney in 1932, and was floated on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1962.[1] In May 2001, OPSM sold its Protector Safety Supply Group to Howard Smith.[2] Luxottica acquired a controlling interest in 2003 and in February 2005, OPSM was delisted from the Australian Securities Exchange.[3][4][5]

In 2010, OPSM opened the Eye Hub concept store in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn, blending optometry and ophthalmology into one practice.[6] As to 2018, it operated 330 stores and 41 franchises.[7]

Laubman & Pank[edit]

Laubman & Pank became at one stage the largest eye care business in Australia.[8] It began operations in 1908 with two optometrists deciding to set up their own business.[8] The group was acquired by OPSM in 2001 and is now run by Luxottica, the world's biggest eye care and eye wear conglomerate.[8] Laubman & Pank has 38 stores in Australia.[9]

Hong Kong[edit]

LensCrafters 高登眼鏡 in Hong Kong in 2008

OPSM acquired The Optical Centre[10] (Chinese: 藝視眼鏡) from Michael Miu in 2002.[11] At that time OPSM also owned another Hong Kong based chain The Optical Shop [zh] (known in Chinese under the brand 高登眼鏡).[11] Nowadays Luxottica group runs the Hong Kong chain under dual-brand LensCrafters 高登眼鏡. It also used the brand Sunglass Hut.


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