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OS, O.S., Os, O's, or os may refer to:


  • Ordnance Survey, national mapping agency of Great Britain
  • Austrian Airlines (IATA code OS based on its original name: Österreichische Luftverkehrs AG)
  • O.S. Engines, a Japanese manufacturer of model aircraft engines
  • OutSystems, multinational software company which operates in the agile software development market






  • Os, Hedmark, a municipality in Hedmark county, Norway
  • Os, Hordaland, a municipality in Hordaland county, Norway
  • Oś, Kluczbork County, a village in Kluczbork County, Opole Voivodeship, Poland
  • Os, Värnamo, a village in Värnamo Municipality, Småland province, Sweden
  • Os, Østfold, a parish in Rakkestad municipality in Østfold county, Norway
  • Os Church, a name for several churches in Norway
  • Osiedle (Os.), a Polish term used for housing subdivisions in Poland
  • OS, ICAO code for airports in Syria


  • Ōs, an Old English word denoting a god in Anglo-Saxon paganism, related to æsir
  • O.S., Order of Santiago, a Spanish order dedicated to St James the Greater
  • O.S., Order of Sikatuna, the national order of diplomatic merit of the Philippines




Other uses[edit]

  • Ōs (rune) (ᚩ), a rune of the Anglo-Saxon fuþorc
  • Old Style (O.S.) date, indicating use of the Julian Calendar, as opposed to "N.S." (new style) indicating use of the Gregorian Calendar
  • Ossetic language (ISO 639-1 abbreviation OS)
  • Object sexuality, sexual attraction to inanimate objects
  • Oral sex

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