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Location of O Páramo in Galicia.

O Páramo (Galician pronunciation: [o ˈpaɾa̝mo̝]) is a municipality in the Spanish province of Lugo, situated in Galicia. It has a population of 1632 persons (1.823 in 2006, 1.858 in 2005, 1.887 in 2004, 1.873 in 2003)[1] and an area of 74.92 km². The Alcalde is Gumersindo Rodriguez Liz.

A bridge over Neira River. On the left, O Corgo; on the right, O Páramo.


The name Paramo comes from the Latinized Paramiensis. the reference to this name is made on a manuscript dating to 1078. This name, however, was only episcopal.[2]


Coat of arms of O Páramo.

The first reference made to Paramo is in the division of the eleven counties and three parishes into which Lugo was divided into at a council lasting from 569 to 572. A slight discussion is made about this council in Xoan Pallares e Gaioso's (1614-1698) book "Argos Divina, Nuestra Señora de los ojos grandes" (Divine Argos, Our lady with the large eyes), which says: "During the Council of Lugo, as said in the archives of the Church, under the reign of Teodomiro, the limits of each county were decided."[3] In Roman times, roughly 170 Christians were killed on a hill in Paramo called Paramo hill[4]


Here is a list of all parishes found in Paramo, with their Saint's name or spelling variants in brackets:

  • Adai (Santa Mariña)
  • Friolfe (San Xoán)
  • Gondrame (Santa María)
  • Grallás (Santo Estevo)
  • Moscán (Santa María Madanela)
  • Neira (Santa María Madanela)
  • Piñeiro (San Salvador)
  • Reascos (Santa María)
  • Ribas de Miño (Santiago)
  • A Ribeira (San Mamede)
  • Sa (Santiago)
  • San Vicente de Gondrame (San Vicente)
  • Santo André da Ribeira (San Pedro)
  • A Torre (San Martiño)
  • Vilafiz (Santa María)
  • Vilarmosteiro (Santa Eufemia)
  • Vilasante (Santa Cruz)
  • Vileiriz (San Salvador)

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Coordinates: 42°57′00″N 7°18′00″W / 42.95000001°N 7.30000001°W / 42.95000001; -7.30000001