October 2009 Afghanistan earthquake

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October 2009 Afghanistan earthquake
October 2009 Afghanistan earthquake is located in Afghanistan
October 2009 Afghanistan earthquake
UTC time2009-10-22 19:51:27
ISC eventn/a
Local date23 October 2009 (2009-10-23)
Local time00:21:27
Magnitude6.2 Mw
Depth185.9 km (116 mi)
Epicenter36°31′01″N 70°57′00″E / 36.517°N 70.950°E / 36.517; 70.950Coordinates: 36°31′01″N 70°57′00″E / 36.517°N 70.950°E / 36.517; 70.950
TypeDip-slip (reverse)
Areas affectedAfghanistan
Max. intensityV (Moderate)
Casualties5 deaths

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in Afghanistan on October 22, 2009 at 19:51:27 UTC. This was a relatively deep shock with a reverse focal mechanism. The maximum Mercalli intensity was V (Moderate) at Fayzabad, Badakhshan. Landslides killed three people and two others suffered fatal heart attacks.[1]


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