Ohikanui River

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Country New Zealand
River mouth Buller River
Physical characteristics
Length 20 kilometres (12 mi)

The Ohikanui River is a tributary of the Buller River in New Zealand's South Island. It flows north for 20 kilometres, joining the Buller 14 kilometres from its outflow into the Tasman Sea.[1] It and its smaller neighbour the Ohikaiti River are often called the Big Ohika River and Little Ohika River respectively.

The Ohikanui River is a medium-sized tributary consisting of a bouldery river bed and clear swift water. It flows through the paparoa wilderness area meaning it is unaltered by man (no tracks or huts). The area is popular with trampers because of its natural beauty but is mostly frequented by trout fisherman and deer stalkers.


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Coordinates: 41°50′41″S 171°42′46″E / 41.844857°S 171.712831°E / -41.844857; 171.712831