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Ole Otto Paus (26 October 1910 – 6 April 2003) was a Norwegian General, diplomat and NATO official.

Born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary to the Norwegian Consul, Thorleif Paus, and a Viennese mother, Paus grew up in Vienna and graduated from the Theresianum in 1929. He subsequently moved to Norway, where he attended the Norwegian Military Academy, graduating as an officer in 1932. He graduated from the Norwegian Military College in 1938, from the Senior Officers' School in the United Kingdom in 1947, and attended the NATO Defence College in 1963.[1][2]

He served as the military attaché at the Norwegian Embassy in Stockholm from 1953, and as the district commander of Trøndelag from 1964 to 1971. From 1971 to 1974 he was Land Deputy of the Allied Forces Northern Europe, i.e. the Norwegian representative in the NATO military command for Northern Europe.[1][2]

He died in Oslo. A member of the Paus family, he is the father of singer Ole Paus.[2]

Military ranks[edit]



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