Olomoucké tvarůžky

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Olomoucké tvarůžky
Olomoucké tvarůžky (3).jpg
Other names Olomoucké syrečky
Country of origin Czech Republic
Region Moravia - Haná
Town Olomouc
Source of milk Cows
Pasteurised yes
Fat content 1%
Weight 20-30 g per piece
Certification PGI
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Olomoucké tvarůžky ([ˈolomou̯tskɛː ˈtvaruːʃkɪ]) or olomoucké syrečky (Czech pronunciation: [ˈolomou̯tskɛː ˈsɪrɛtʃkɪ]) is a ripened soft cheese made in Loštice, Moravia, Czech Republic, which is very easy to recognize by its strong scent, distinctive pungent taste and yellowish colour. It is named after the city of Olomouc where it was originally sold. It is made from skim cow's milk without adding rennet, colourings, flavourings and stabilizers, and contains only 0.6% of fat. Olomoucké tvarůžky is the only original Czech cheese.[1]

Since 2010, ‘Olomoucké tvarůžky’ has been registered as a Protected Geographical Indication by the European Union.[2]


The first written mention of this cheese dates back to the 15th century.[3] Olomoucké tvarůžky was eaten by Emperor Rudolf II. Until the 19th century, Olomoucké tvarůžky was produced in the villages surrounding Olomouc, and was generally regarded as a peasant food. It was at this time that the cheese began to be referred to as Olomouc cheese. The A. W. Company has been making this cheese since 1876.[4] There is a small museum devoted to the cheese at the A. W. Company production plant in Loštice.