One Foot in the North

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One Foot in the North
Jandek - One Foot in the North.jpg
Studio album by
GenreBlues, lounge, outsider
LabelCorwood Industries
ProducerCorwood Industries
Jandek chronology
Somebody in the Snow
One Foot in the North
Lost Cause
Original LP Back Cover

One Foot in the North is the twentieth album by Jandek, and the only to be released in 1991. It is Corwood Industries release #0758, and featured voice and electric guitar for about half the album before drums and a second, more "polished" lead guitar joined along.

Track listing[edit]

1."Yellow Pages"7:02
3."Show the Man Your Picture"2:01
4."Think About Your Lady"2:50
5."Real Fine Movement"2:44
6."Alehouse Blues"3:15
7."Upon the Grandeur"8:31
9."Dreaming Man"3:42
10."Breast in a Moonbeam"2:42
Total length:43:40

Album Cover Description[edit]

A silhouette of a young Jandek, standing in his room. Curiously, this would be replicated somewhat at the Jandek show in Austin, TX in August 2005, when a light cast the Corwood Representative's shadow across the side of the theatre.

Another unique facet of this cover can no longer be found on the CD release. The original included the "Chinese menu" back cover, in which the titles were listed in what might be called a "Chinese Restaurant font." This was removed for the 2003 CD release.

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