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Oodweyne is located in Somaliland
Location in Somaliland.
Coordinates: 9°24′N 45°4′E / 9.400°N 45.067°E / 9.400; 45.067Coordinates: 9°24′N 45°4′E / 9.400°N 45.067°E / 9.400; 45.067
Country  Somaliland
Region Togdheer
District Odweyne
 • Total 192,031
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Oodweyne (Somali: Oodweyne) is a town in the northwestern Togdheer province of Somaliland.[1]


Oodweyne is the capital of the Oodweyne District and is located in a pastoral area between Burco and Hargeisa in the western part of Togdheer province. The location of the town made it a strategic site during the Somali Revolution (1986-1992), and it was a major base for Somali National Army (SNA) troops. In 1989, the town was the scene of heavy fighting between government troops and Somali National Movement (SNM) militiamen.[2] Some landmines held over from this conflict made transportation difficult during the 1990s.[3]


The broader Oodweyne District has a total population of 192,031 residents.[4]

The Oedweyne District in which the city is situated is inhabited by people from the Somali ethnic group, with Habar Yoonis sub-division of Isaaq well represented.

Notable residents[edit]


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