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Developer(s) Greenbone Networks GmbH
Stable release
8.0 / April 2, 2015
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Vulnerability scanner
License GPL

OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment System,[1] the name of the fork originally known as GNessUs) is a framework of several services and tools offering a vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management solution.

All OpenVAS products are Free Software. Most components are licensed under the GPL.

The latest version is 8.0, released April 2015.[2]


OpenVas began, under the name of GNessUs, as a fork of the previously open source Nessus scanning tool after Tenable Network Security changed it to a proprietary (closed source) license in October 2005.[3] OpenVAS was originally proposed by pentesters at Portcullis Computer Security[4] and then announced[5] by Tim Brown on Slashdot.

OpenVAS is a member project of Software in the Public Interest.[6]


The OpenVAS 8 Structure

There is a daily updated feed of Network Vulnerability Tests (NVTs) - over 47,000 in total (as of June 2016).


The OpenVAS protocol structure is known to be well documented to assist developers. The OpenVAS Compendium is a publication of the OpenVAS Project that delivers a large amount of documentation on OpenVAS. OpenVAS Protocol Documentation OpenVAS Compendium - A Publication of The OpenVAS Project

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