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Open source denotes that a product includes permission to use its source code, design documents, or content (see open content – the latter deals with non-software deliverables or where the distinction between source code and other content is unclear or complex).

Open source may also mean:



In culture[edit]

In economy and agriculture[edit]

  • Open-source hardware, or open hardware, computer hardware, such as microprocessors, that is designed in the same fashion as open source software
  • Open Source Seed Initiative, open source varieties of crop seeds, as an alternative to patent-protected seeds sold by large agriculture companies.
  • Open-source cola, cola soft drinks made to open-sourced recipes

In society[edit]

  • Open-source governance, open source in government
    • Open politics (sometimes known as Open-source politics), a political process that uses Internet technologies to provide a rapid feedback mechanism between political organizations and their supporters
  • Open-source religion in the creation of belief systems
  • Open-source unionism, an innovative model for labor union organization


  • Open-source intelligence, an intelligence gathering discipline based on information collected from open sources
  • Open security, application of open source philosophies to computer security



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