Operation Antha

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Operation Antha
Operation Antha poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed byUpendra
Produced byHarsh Darbar
Rama Krishna
Screenplay byUpendra
Story byUpendra
Master Hirannaiah
Music byV. Manohar
CinematographySundarnath Suvarna
Edited byR. Janardhan
Swathi Enterprises
Release date
  • 3 December 1995 (1995-12-03)
Running time
135 minutes

Operation Antha is a 1995 Indian Kannada film written and directed by Upendra, starring Ambareesh in the lead role, and is a direct sequel to the blockbuster 1981 film Antha, which also starred Ambareesh.[1] Ambareesh reprises his role as Kanwar Lal and Susheel Kumar.


Police commissioner Kulwanth gets a call indicating the arrival of his only daughter, Mandakini, from a foreign country. Mandakini is so sincere that she chides her father for arriving at the airport in his department vehicle. She gets delusioned by the corruption in India and resolves to put an end to it.

Kanwar Lal, a notorious criminal, is released from prison after serving a life sentence. His master and partners were killed years ago by Susheel Kumar, an undercover cop and Kanwar's lookalike. He meets Babu who gives him a shelter and aspires to follow his path. Kanwar meets a shrewd money minded middleman through whom he manages to make an unfriendly alliance with a few corrupt politicians.

Master Hirannaiah and his friend are social workers and theatre artists. They expose a few politicians' dirty world through their street plays. The politicians sent Kanwar to get them injured. Mandakini witnesses it and takes them to the hospital. They discover that they have the same ideals and decides to work as a team. Mandakini captures the videos and photos of the corrupt politicians in their dirty world while the Duo criticises the government through their plays and newspaper articles. The politicians upon finding the truth sends Kanwar and his gang to somehow take the video tapes and photos from her. He leaves after giving her a warning. Mandakini is advised by her father to stay away from the politicians and criminals and justifies his point by narrating the story of Kanwar's lookalike Susheel( the story of Antha ).After listening to her father she decides to bail out Susheel and devises a unique plan. She manages to prove that Kanwar who was released recently is actually Susheel while the real Susheel is Kanwar. Thereby Susheel is bailed out while Kanwar is taken back to prison. Upon release Susheel kidnaps Mandakini and her friends and takes them to an isolated building. He sells the photos and videos to the politicians for a hefty sum of 50lakhs( equivalent to 30 crores today). Susheel meets the middleman and organises a few goons after which he starts to form gangs by killing the major goons. This shocks everyone. Susheel later asks Kulwanth not to trace them since his daughter is in their custody. When Mandakini demands an explanation for the crimes committed by him, he says that he is on a mission to kill some unknown person who has become really powerful after he was jailed. He formed a nexus with the politicians so as to fight his rival. However Kulwanth traces them and sends police force to attack. Susheel and his gang overpowers them and Kulwanth gets killed by Susheel in the crossfire. Mandakini who witnesses her father's death curses and abuses Susheel. The trio claims that the major mistake they committed was that they helped to bail out Susheel. Susheel then reveals that his rival is the system of India and proclaims that he will go to any extent to eradicate corruption even if that means the death of his close friends . He begins the Operation Antha .

Susheel offers publicity to the mission by forcing the medias to showcase their views and acts against crimes. If an auto driver refuses to take a pregnant woman to the hospital his leg his broken. A member of the black market has his eye plucked out and the police officers who attempts to rape a girl have their penis broken. The gang offers severe punishment for even the slightest crimes. The politicians who found this development alarming secretly manages to get Kanwar released from prison. Susheel releases the trio who gets shocked to see the change brought by Operation Antha and decides to support it. Meanwhile, Susheel travels to Mumbai for obtaining some weapons required for their mission. The politicians finding it as an excellent opportunity replaces Kanwar in place of Susheel by indicating that an accident occurred during the latter's journey. He crushes the mission and shows his face to the public through a TV channel thereby helping the police to identify the so-called anarchist.

On his return Susheel is startled to see the condition of Karnataka and happens to find that Kanwar is responsible for it. While trying to kill Mandakini for sending him to prison Kanwar is confronted by Susheel who kills him. However the politicians give the police the complete authority to terminate Susheel and his gang. Susheel manages to escape in a helicopter promising to come back again. The movie thus has a happy ending.



Operation Antha
Soundtrack album by
Released1995 (1995)
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelJhankar Music

V. Manohar composed the film's background score and music for its soundtrack. The soundtrack album consists of five tracks.[2]

Track listing
1."Bhaya Bhaya"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam4:39
2."Jilebi Jilebi"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam5:23
3."O Gelathi Manada"S. P. Balasubrahmanyam4:53
4."O Pussy Cat"Manjula Gururaj, L. N. Shastry2:40
5."Shame Shame"Rajesh Krishnan, L. N. Shastry4:24


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