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Orange Is the New Black (season 5)
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Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Original network Netflix
Original release June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
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List of Orange Is the New Black episodes

The fifth season of the American comedy-drama television series Orange Is the New Black premiered on Netflix on June 9, 2017, at 12:00 am PST in multiple countries. It consists of thirteen episodes, each between 51–60 minutes. The series is based on Piper Kerman's memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison (2010), about her experiences at FCI Danbury, a minimum-security federal prison. The series is created and adapted for television by Jenji Kohan.


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byFeatured character(s)Original release date
531"Riot FOMO"Andrew McCarthyJenji KohannoneJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
Litchfield Prison erupts into a riot when the inmates are not satisfied with Caputo's handling of Poussey's death. Daya shoots CO Thomas Humphrey in the thigh after he begins begging for his life in Spanish, a language she does not speak. His life is eventually saved by Sophia, who has paramedic training from her days as a firefighter. Piper and Alex try to take Linda hostage, but then feel bad for her and help her disguise herself as an inmate. Taystee, Black Cindy, Janae and Alison force Caputo to read a statement about Poussey's death, which Taystee records on an iPad. Josh, a PR representative from MCC who was visiting Caputo, helps her upload it to Twitter, since he thinks the story of a renegade CO reflects better on the company than out-of-control inmates.
542"Fuck, Marry, Frieda"Constantine MakrisJordan HarrisonFriedaJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

The prison stays under control of the inmates, who are holding several corrections officers hostage. The Hispanics force the COs to strip down to their underwear in front of a packed chapel. The video of Caputo, meant to spark outrage, instead gets mocked with memes featuring the hashtag #BlackLattesMatter because Cindy is shown drinking a latte. Humphrey, who suffered major blood loss, has a stroke in the prison infirmary, which is staffed by only a nurse. Daya, nearing an emotional breakdown worrying over her future, claims she lost the gun, while CO Artesian McCullough suspects the gun is gone. Taystee uploads a photo of all the COs, plus Caputo, in their underwear. It is revealed that Frieda has a secret "bunker" built out of an unused pool that was never filled in, also stocked with food she has hoarded.

Flashback: Frieda's life as a child during the Cuban Missile Crisis reveals her father was paranoid about the Soviet Union and a nuclear war, and had an underground bunker in the woods, also stocked with food and weapons.
553"Pissters!"Phil AbrahamRebecca Angelo & Lauren Schuker BlumLindaJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

Worried over the public backlash—and celebrity chef Judy King—MCC decides to give in to the inmates and meet their demands. Linda tries to fit in with the inmates, but is shocked at the substandard conditions of the prison. Piper and Alex, looking at Linda's phone, are shocked to find photos of her kissing Caputo. The inmates work together to compile a list of demands, which includes reinstating the GED program, better healthcare, amnesty for the inmates involved in the riot, the arrest of CO Bayley for Poussey's death, and Flaming Hot Cheetos. Bayley, meanwhile, goes to the police station and tries to confess murder, but the police dismiss him as a drunk veteran back from the Iraq War with PTSD and put him in the drunk tank. A frightened Judy King, a victim of a random pantsing by meth heads Angie and Leanne, attempts to escape but is attacked by the white supremacists. The COs, locked in a room, plot to regain control of the prison after Artesian's tip that the inmates do not have the gun anymore. As they prepare to attack the inmates, Caputo sees Linda among them.

Flashback: Linda's college days in a sorority in the 1990s show that while at a party, she left her drunk friend outside in the snow and she ended up freezing to death.
564"Litchfield's Got Talent"Nick SandowJosh Koenigsberg, Jenji Kohan & Tara HerrmannAlisonJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

The COs, who are preparing to attack once they are brought food, abort the mission on Caputo's command. Meth heads Angie and Leanne try to pants Gloria, and the gun falls to the crowd, which they recover. High, they want the COs to perform a talent show for their enjoyment. The "talents" include singing from CO Dixon; a Mormon-themed magic show from CO Blake; an Italian monologue from Josh; and a strip show from CO Stratman. Leanne declares Josh the winner merely because he is the prettiest. Suzanne, who believes Poussey's spirit is still where she died, sets up a shrine on the spot of her death and organizes a séance. Blanca and Red, high on amphetamines that Blanca claimed were vitamins, raid the administrative files looking for dirt on the COs. They discover that Piscatella was transferred to Litchfield from a male prison after the death of an inmate, who was discovered in the shower with burns on 80% of his body. Judy King is tied to a board, crucifixion-style, by the white supremacists, who think she has a stash of food. She lies to them and says she is expecting a drop of supplies on the roof of the prison from a helicopter. They go up to the roof and realizing she lied, they try to throw her off, and she faints. Then, a helicopter arrives, but it is a news helicopter carrying cameramen, who take photos and record Judy tied up and unconscious.

Flashback: Alison persuades her husband to accept a polygamous lifestyle because she feels overwhelmed by the time constraints of the housework and raising their daughter, Farah. Then, another woman, Sahar, moves in, but Alison gets jealous.
575"Sing It, White Effie"Phil AbrahamMolly Smith MetzlerWatsonJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

Video of Judy King is widely misreported as a terrorist attack against Christians, as the white supremacists had their heads covered and are mistaken for Muslims. The governor is livid about MCC's passive stance and sends his own team to Litchfield. On the outside, Aleida struggles to find employment. Gloria calls her but is unable to tell her about Daya. Janae, Alison, Black Cindy and Taystee free Judy in order to stop the disinformation about the situation. They clean her up and have Josh give her talking points, before all four go outside to face the press. Judy begins to give her statement but Taystee interrupts her with an emotional speech about how Judy was kept separately from them because of her wealth and status. She says their fight is not with Judy but with the system that punishes poor and black people. Meanwhile, Angie and Leanne find Charlie Coates in the laundry room after he had been with Pennsatucky. They plan to take him hostage but Pennsatucky grabs the gun from Angie's waistband. She throws the gun to Charlie and it accidentally fires, shooting Leanne in the finger. Charlie uses the weapon to escape the prison and goes outside, where the CERT greets him with guns drawn; then, he faints.

Flashback: A teenaged Watson tours an elite prep school and is mesmerized by the wealth and depth of education. She witnesses a rehearsal for the school's (all-white) production of Dreamgirls and is shocked by a white girl in an Afro wig performing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." Returning to her school, she is discouraged by her poor conditions and develops a negative attitude.
586"Flaming Hot Cheetos, Literally"Andrew McCarthyLauren MorelliTaysteeJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

The inmates organize a mock trial for Pennsatucky, with Big Boo acting as her representative. Using Saved by the Bell episodes, Big Boo casts doubt on Angie's credibility, and Pennsatucky is given community service as a sentence. Aleida appears on the local news to talk about Litchfield, but it is a disaster. Morello has sex with Nicky and realizes she is pregnant. The inmates receive boxes of Flaming Hot Cheetos and tampons from the governor, who wants them to release the hostages. They refuse to do so until the rest of their demands are met. Then, they have a bonfire of Cheetos in front of the press.

Flashback: Taystee celebrates her 18th birthday in a group home. She meets her birth mother, who was 15 when she first got pregnant. Her mother now has a husband and a young daughter and does not want to tell them about Taystee. Then, Taystee, who mistakenly believed she was going to go live with her mother, runs away from the group home.
597"Full Bush, Half Snickers"Uta BriesewitzAnthony NatolinoneJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
Morello's husband leaves her after she announces her pregnancy. The imprisoned guards are forced to clean bunks. Poussey's friends try to think of the best way to honor her memory; Soso wants it to be something Poussey herself would have wanted, and they reinvigorate the library by putting books all over the prison. Red, with help from Blanca, tries to entice Piscatella into the prison. Linda has sex with Big Boo. Red tries to guess Humphrey's smartphone password, and cuts off his fingertip to access it using his thumbprint. Another riot breaks out, but this time it is because the inmates are out of coffee.
608"Tied to the Tracks"Michael TrimCarolina PaizDayaJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

Red and Blanca send text messages from Humphrey's phone to Piscatella claiming the inmates are not armed anymore and encouraging him to break into the prison via a window at night. He takes the information to the CERT, who blow him off. Aleida does a live TV interview with Meredith Vieira and Judy King, who breaks the news about Humphrey being shot. She does not remember the shooter's name but describes Daya, leaving Aleida in shock. The news reaches Piscatella, who is mocked by the CERT members. Figueroa returns to the prison, this time as a negotiator for MCC. She claims they cannot afford to meet the inmates' demands, but Taystee—who has done her research via the Internet and Caputo's files—shuts her down. However, once Figueroa receives a phone call about Humphrey, she says amnesty for all the inmates is off the table. After a discussion with Piper and others, Taystee agrees to hand over Daya, who first calls Mendez's mother to ask her to adopt her daughter out of foster care and asks her to give the child some space due to Aleida's control she received when she was younger. Gloria learns that her son is in the ICU after being severely beaten. Piscatella, after texting "Humphrey" that he was going to stand down, enters the prison after dark instead.

Flashback: A 14-year-old Daya pursues a boy based on her mother's insistence, despite her best friend's feelings for him. Daya ends up rejected by the boy and dumped by her friend.
619"The Tightening"Erin FeeleyJordan HarrisonRedJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

Red, coming down from her drug high, is nursed by Nicky, who thinks her warnings about Piscatella being in the prison are hallucinations. Piscatella, in full riot gear, attacks Blanca in a utility room, where she had gone to set a boobytrap in case he showed up anyway. Inmates begin disappearing one by one, including Nicky and Boo, but nobody believes Red. Gloria begs Caputo—locked in a Porta-Potty—to let her out on furlough to see her son, but Caputo says he cannot help her until she lets the hostages go. After Boo disappears, Linda desperately seeks out Caputo, who was let out to back up the inmates' claim of slave labor to Figueroa. Zirconia, who had turned Linda's high heels into shivs after Piper and Alex first found her, recognizes her as a hostage, but Linda runs away with one of the shoe shivs. Morello, hurt by Nicky's comments that her pregnancy is all in her head, convinces Suzanne to stop taking her psych medicine. Red finds Frieda's map to the "bunker" in her cooking book and discovers Piscatella prisoners on her way there by accident. However, while trying to free them, Piscatella arrives.

Flashback: In the late 1970s, Red is a young woman in the Soviet Union working a menial factory job. Her rebellious friend Nadezhda introduces her to the world of underground discos and black-market Levi's jeans, but Nadezhda soon vanishes. Red's ex-boyfriend, Dmitri—whom she had dumped for being too dull—proposes they lie about being Jewish in order to escape to the United States, as Jews were being allowed to immigrate to countries other than Israel.
6210"The Reverse Midas Touch"Laura PreponRebecca Angelo & Lauren Schuker BlumPiscatellaJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

Piscatella has Red, Piper, Alex and other inmates tied up in a room, where he uses a knife to cut off Red's hair. Piper gets the duct tape off her mouth and yells for help, which is heard by Gina, who is holed up playing cards in Frieda's basement "bunker" with Yoga Jones, Anita and other inmates. The entrance to the room they are in leads to where Piscatella is. Gloria tries to free the prison guards but is interrupted. Maureen, who has still not recovered from the beating, is found delirious in the bathroom by Suzanne, who takes her to the infirmary. Suzanne, by now in a psychotic state, finds Humphrey dead. Gina lures Piscatella into the basement, where Frieda knocks him out with a homemade poison dart.

Flashback: At his earlier job as CO in a male prison, Piscatella, then soft at heart, and inmate Driscoll are having an affair. Driscoll is supportive and loving of Piscatella, whose mother had hoped to "fix" him. Another inmate, Resado, spies on them together in the kitchen, and later, he and other inmates beat and rape Driscoll in a bathroom. Piscatella handcuffs Resado to the shower and leaves him under scalding hot water to die.
6311"Breaking the Fiberboard Ceiling"Wendey StanzlerLauren MorellinoneJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
The inmates drag the unconscious Piscatella into Frieda's "bunker", where they argue about what should be done. Once Red says she wants revenge, they end up tying her up too, which makes her despair that Piscatella will never see justice. Gina reveals she recorded a video of Piscatella brutally breaking Alex's arm, and they post it on the Internet. Gloria, desperate to see her son in the hospital, tries sneaking each of the hostage guards outside one at a time while the other inmates, including Ouija, get high on drugs. Claiming she is going to teach them a lesson, she drags them out and locks them in the Porta-Pottys. Taystee, after 12 hours of trying to get Figueroa to see the benefits of improving prison conditions, discovers she truly has a knack for advocacy. Boo continues her romance with Linda, but is crushed when she sees a photo of her with Caputo on her phone and discovers her whole story is a lie. Suzanne goes into a psychotic break, but Morello, in the dispensary, refuses to say what medicine Suzanne takes; she is overpowered by Cindy, who takes a bottle of lithium that she believes to help calm people down. Morello finds a pregnancy test and takes it, confirming her suspicion that she is pregnant. As her unconscious son is taken to have a brain surgery, Gloria confesses her plan to Maria, who gives her full support; Maria says she always thinks of her little girl and understands that parents would do anything for their children. Gloria sneaks Luschek, the final guard, outside, but discovers that her plan of delivering the guards to Caputo has been dashed when she sees that there is a hole in the fence and the guards have escaped. Gloria breaks down and tries to escape through the hole, crying about her son, which makes the other inmates realize what she had been planning.
6412"Tattoo You"Mark A. BurleyTara Herrmann & Carolina PaizPiper & AlexJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)

The guards—except Luschek—are led to the MCC management, but are led by Maria, who wants to get out to see her little girl. Maria explains the "deal" to shorten her sentence if she lets the guards go, but is told by a state employee that that is not possible. The MCC learns that it was not Taystee who sent out the guards as part of an acceptance of the negotiation, and decide to send the CERT in to end the riot. Morello shows half a dozen positive pregnancy tests to a stunned Nicky, who calls her husband and convinces him to take responsibility. Linda makes excuses to Big Boo, telling her that she now understands the inmates are not living in a decent environment, but Big Boo is unmoved and demands Linda send her US$5,000 via PayPal to keep the secret of her affair with Caputo. A distraught Bayley travels by bus to meet Poussey's father and confess that her death was his fault. Her father angrily tells him that he is not going to give Bayley the peace he seeks by forgiving him, nor punish him by beating him, and that his punishment will be having to live the rest of his life with what he has done—which is a better fate, he says, than the fate Poussey got. Pennsatucky escapes from the prison via the hole in the fence and breaks into Charlie's cabin. In Frieda's "bunker", Piper proposes to Alex, who says yes. Taystee discovers the guards escaped and tries to go to the prison doors to talk to the CERT officers, but it is too late as they immediately swarm Litchfield.

Flashback: Piper and her then-boyfriend, Larry Bloom, get tattoos. She later drunk dials Alex, saying that she is still on her mind and misses her.
6513"Storm-y Weather"Jesse PeretzLauren MorellinoneJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
Dozens of CERT members in riot gear break down the prison doors, with smoke bombs, stun guns and batons in hand, causing pandemonium as they handcuff all the inmates. The CERT members discover the dead Humphrey, and escalate their tactics to "by any means necessary." Black Cindy and Taystee panic as Suzanne is unconscious from the lithium. They eventually get help from Nicky, who takes them down to Frieda's hiding place, where they inject her with the only thing they can find, an epi-pen, which finally revives Suzanne. Angie and Leanne burn all the prison records to erase their history of infractions. Deciding not to go down without a fight, Ouija, Pidge and the white supremacists barricade themselves inside a dorm and manage to injure some of the CERT members with booby traps before being restrained. The inmates are led outside in handcuffs in front of a crowd of families and the press. Maritza and Flaca are thrilled to see rabid fans of their beauty tutorials on the Internet cheering for them. Linda tries to tell an officer she is from MCC, but she is ignored after Big Boo and other inmates mock her by also claiming the same thing. The count of the inmates leaves them 10 short, and Caputo tells them about the old pool that Figueroa never got filled. The CERT chief assumes the fact that the remaining inmates are hiding "strategically" means they are planning an offensive against the officers, and says that the governor has already approved any casualties necessary. Pennsatucky and Charlie watch TV together inside his cabin. Nicky brings Taystee, Black Cindy and Suzanne to Frieda's "bunker", where Taystee is shocked to see Piscatella tied up. She takes Frieda's gun and points it at him, telling him he is to blame for Poussey's death. Instead of killing him, she breaks down crying. Red, surprisingly, releases Piscatella and tells him to leave without touching anyone. Piscatella slowly walks out into one of the prison halls, only to be shot and killed by an inexperienced CERT officer, who did not recognize him through the smokebombs. As night falls, the inmates outside are loaded onto buses and figure they are headed to new prisons; Flaca and Maritza are separated. In the "bunker", the remaining inmates—Alex, Piper, Taystee, Nicky, Red, Black Cindy, Frieda, Suzanne, Blanca, and Gloria—link arms as the CERT blows the doors off.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

  1. ^ Michael J. Harney was credited as main cast for season 5 but did not make a single appearance.

Special guest stars[edit]

Recurring cast[edit]



  • Catherine Curtin as Wanda Bell
  • Joel Marsh Garland as Scott O'Neill
  • Matt Peters as Joel Luschek
  • Alysia Reiner as Natalie "Fig" Figueroa
  • Alan Aisenberg as Baxter "Gerber" Bayley
  • Beth Dover as Linda Ferguson / "Amelia Von Barlow"
  • Jimmy Gary Jr. as Felix Rikerson
  • James McMenamin as Charlie "Donuts" Coates
  • Nick Dillenburg as Ryder Blake
  • Evan Arthur Hall as Stratman
  • Mike Houston as Lee Dixon
  • Brad William Henke as Desi Piscatella
  • John Palladino as Josh
  • Emily Tarver as Artesian McCullough
  • Michael Torpey as Thomas "Humps" Humphrey



In February 2016, the series was renewed for a fifth, sixth, and seventh season.[1] The fifth season was released on June 9, 2017.[2]


In April 2017, it was reported that a cybercriminal had stolen the first ten episodes of the fifth season in a security breach of a post-production company. Netflix failed to respond to ransom demands, and the cybercriminal leaked the episodes online. Netflix confirmed the security breach and an ongoing investigation by federal law enforcement.[3][4] Multichannel News reported that demand for the series significantly increased over the seven-day period following the leak of the episodes. It was also said that the leak would likely cause a decrease in demand for the fifth season when Netflix releases it in June.[5]


Critical reception[edit]

The fifth season has received "generally favorable reviews".[6] On Metacritic, it has a score of 67 out of 100 based on 20 reviews.[6] On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 76% rating with an average score of 7.47 out of 10 based on 33 reviews.[7]


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