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Orange Is the New Black (season 6)
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Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes13
Original networkNetflix
Original releaseJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
Season chronology
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List of Orange Is the New Black episodes

The sixth season of the American comedy-drama television series Orange Is the New Black premiered on Netflix on July 27, 2018, at 12:00 am PDT in multiple countries.[1] It consists of thirteen episodes, each between 50 and 84 minutes. The series is based on Piper Kerman's memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison (2010), about her experiences at FCI Danbury, a minimum-security federal prison. The series is created and adapted for television by Jenji Kohan.[2]

This season takes place in a maximum security prison, after the inmates incite a riot at Litchfield Penitentiary during the previous season, and the season deals with the fallout from the riot.[3] The main story arc of the season involves a gang-like war between two cell blocks which is sparked by the feud between two sisters. Meanwhile, the guards play a fantasy sport game called "fantasy inmate". Several supporting characters who appeared throughout the first five seasons are absent in this season due to change in setting, but this season introduces several new characters featured in maximum security.[4]


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byFeatured character(s)Original release date
661"Who Knows Better Than I"Michael TrimJenji KohanSuzanne & CindyJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Suzanne has hallucinations while getting back on her medications. She is the first interviewed by a federal investigation into the riot and murders. Those found in the bunker are held in isolation at Litchfield's maximum security prison and face various abuses from the guards and inmates. Frieda attempts suicide, while Red confronts Badison to protect her family. Piper desperately tries to find Alex, and fears the worst when she learns a prisoner died. Gloria attacks Maria and they are handcuffed and forced to kiss by the guards. Taystee is visited by CO Tamika Ward, who had been her friend on the outside. Suzanne is released from questioning and brought to the prison which she realizes is not her "home" anymore.

Flashback: Suzanne and Black Cindy hide in the pool and witness CERT officers stage Piscatella's body to look like the inmates killed him with his own gun. On the bus to max, Red provides a story that Piscatella brought them to the pool to torture them. Suzanne snaps at the false version of events, but Cindy insists they lie so the guards won't kill them.
672"Sh*tstorm Coming"Mark A. BurleyBrian ChamberlayneCindyJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Detectives are pressured to file charges on two murderers and three riot leaders within a week. Daya makes a plea agreement for Humphrey's murder, while Taystee is considered a leader as the public face of the riot. Black Cindy tries to warn Taystee but when she learns their fingerprints are on Piscatella's gun, she turns on Taystee to save herself. Gloria names Maria as the riot's mastermind and pressures Blanca to do the same; despite Maria's attempts to frame Gloria, MCC corroborates Gloria's story and she gets immunity for her testimony. Piper starts to bond with cellmate Beth but learns she killed her children. Caputo becomes depressed on suspension but reconnects with Figueroa, who has been made interim warden. Dixon invites himself on a road trip with Coates, not realizing Pennsatucky is in his trunk.

Flashback: Black Cindy has a teenage pregnancy by a jock with a girlfriend, and abandoned the infant to her mother's care.
683"Look Out for Number One"Erin FeeleyHilary Weisman GrahamFrieda, Carol & BarbJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Linda is identified in a Cleveland prison, threatens to sue MCC for $10 million, and is made a senior VP at triple her previous salary. Red is shocked to learn Piscatella is dead during her interview; failing to inform the others through charades, Badison sends messages but Piper misinterprets it to mean Alex was killed in the pool. Nicky calls her stepmother/attorney and is threatened with 70 years of drug theft and distribution charges to pressure her testimony against Red. Frieda retrieves Black Cindy's note and fakes senility in her interview; she is transferred to B Block with the old-timers and crazies, including Suzanne. In general population, inmates learn the power structure with D Block run by Barbara and C Block by Carol, two antagonistic sisters at the head of a decades-old feud. Daya continues to receive beatings as a guard killer, and Daddy gives her oxycodone for the pain. On work detail, Black Cindy, Flaca, Daya and Morello steal toiletries, but the products are sabotaged as an initiation.

Flashback: In the 1980s, Frieda is in Litchfield Max and antagonizes a rivalry between drug-dealing sisters Carol and Barbara. While they attack each other on the kickball field, Frieda turns over Carol's stash to the warden for a transfer to minimum security.
694"I'm the Talking Ass"Phil AbrahamTami SagherNickyJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Blake, Luschek and McCullough return to duty, the latter suffering PTSD. They are invited into the fantasy inmate league, gambling on inmate deaths and injuries. Alex returns and is reunited with Piper. Coates, Dixon and Pennsatucky have fun at an amusement park. To get her kids out of foster care, Aleida begins selling dietary shakes, including to head CO Hopper. Taystee learns she is being charged for Piscatella's murder and speaks with Caputo. Nicky tells Red about the drug charges and gets Red's permission to testify against her, realizing that she is loved by someone.

Flashback: Nicky's selfish divorced parents fight through revisions to her bat mitzvah speech. She breaks from her good behavior and, inspired by her Torah portion of Balaam's Talking Ass, mocks God for the Holocaust and her parents for neglecting her while comparing herself to the donkey who suddenly found its voice after enduring abuse. Afterward, her parents berate her while arguing with each other over who has to take her home.
705"Mischief Mischief"Andrew McCarthyAnthony NatolinoneJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
Luschek hosts the fantasy inmate draft with a party that sees him replace Alvarez as league commissioner. Copeland instigates a fight between Piper and Maria, two of her picks, for Chapman's tooth chip and superglue. Alex helps Badison with a prank to make peace. Daddy instructs her D Block gang to release rats in the cheese-packaging facility in the hopes C Block will be fired and D Block will get those work assignments. McCullough, who has been burning her legs with cigarettes, strikes Maria for talking back. Blanca reveals that Maria set the hostages free, thwarting Maria's attempt to join a gang. Someone later tries to drown Maria in a toilet. Linda meets with Figueroa who realizes from her ordeal that they're short a prisoner and calls a manhunt. Coates convinces Pennsatucky to hike across the Canadian border but she sees his anger resurface under pressure and turns herself in. Linda threatens civil action against Caputo unless he takes a dead-end job at a Missouri prison. Afraid that someone in B Block has been sent to kill her, Frieda agrees for lonely Suzanne to be her cellmate.
716"State of the Uterus"Constantine MakrisMerritt TierceDaddyJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Daddy's rat prank results in MCC losing the lucrative cheese-packaging contract and unintentionally closes the route CO Hellman was bringing drugs into the prison. Badison seeks revenge for the job loss by having her people defecate in D Block's laundry. Daddy further incites her strung-out followers by blaming C Block for cutting off their supply. Daya consoles Daddy. Luschek is made head of recreation and interviews radio show acts. Flaca looks for a co-host and finds an unexpected rapport with Black Cindy. Gloria fears she is entering menopause and follows doctor's advice to exercise. Blanca learns that she has limited fertility. Red signs a plea agreement to inciting the riot to avoid other charges. In court, Taystee pleads guilty to inciting the riot but not guilty to murder; the ACLU offer representation and Black Lives Matter pressure MCC to take her out of solitary. Piper proposes a prison wedding to Alex. Aleida visits her kids in foster care, and discovers that none of them want anything to do with her.

Flashback: Daddy ran a house of college escorts to successful Latino businessmen. Although a woman is killed at a party, she covers it up and soon provides another escort for the client.
727"Changing Winds"Andrew McCarthyHeather Jeng BladtBadisonJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Carol holds Badison accountable for Daddy's prank that cost them their cushy jobs, and cuts her out. Badison consults with Alex and convinces Luschek to smuggle valuable smartphones. Though Alex doesn't want anything to do with it, she ends up with the phone when Badison is stabbed in the yard by Daddy's girls. Strung-out, Daya steals Barbara's personal stash; Daddy is incensed and they have angry sex. Taystee receives fan mail, which the guards redact. Suzanne comes out to the yard to see Taystee and Black Cindy, but doesn't know how to talk with them while keeping the secret. Suspected as a suicide, Maria is released from psyche with the suggestion of finding religion. Pennsatucky blackmails Linda for a bunk in B Block. Preparing to leave town, Caputo goes on his first real date with Figueroa, and tries to give her closure for a past event. Considering writing a memoir, Piper examines the library and finds photos from before the feud, and determines to heal divisions by bringing back kickball.

Flashback: Bullied Badison acts out, is expelled from school, and sent to a boot camp for troubled teens where she tries to find acceptance by severely bullying the weakest girl.
738"Gordons"Sian HederVera SantamariaTaystee & TamikaJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Alex hides the cellphone through a lockdown and search, and finds money added to her commissary despite wanting to stay out of the gang. Gloria advises Latin music and helps Luschek with his dance-aerobics class. Piper extorts Luschek to return kickball. Daddy asks Daya to buy drugs through her friends in C-block; she gets them from Blanca, in exchange for retrieving Diablo's sperm donation from the visitation washroom. The swap is noticed and Daya is beaten by C Block inmates but manages to save four pills for Daddy. Blanca and Nicky are surrounded by the same gang during the insemination procedure. Red schemes against Frieda, gaining an alliance with Carol who arranges a hair styling. Aleida is stopped from selling outside the prison by Hopper who takes her for a date. In a media interview, Taystee describes guard abuses and has her mail cut off by Tamika.

Flashback: Tamika and Taystee work a night shift at fast food restaurant Storky's, smoking a joint and getting robbed. When Taystee lies and says she cannot open the register that late without activating the security cameras, the robber steals her new Air Jordan 8 shoes instead. Tamika is impressed with Taystee's quick thinking, and Taystee reveals that there are no security cameras but she did not want to call the police or else she and Tamika would be arrested for being high and accused of stealing the money. She also reveals that her Jordans were actually "Gordons"—counterfeit.
749"Break the String"Nick SandowKirsa ReinnoneJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
Zirconia becomes jealous when Gloria causes Luschek to get an erection in dance-aerobics class; she tells Badison that Gloria is turning Luschek against her, and Badison threatens Gloria against returning to class. Daddy gives addict Barbara "bath salts", sidelining her in the infirmary. Beaten Nicky talks Barbara down from her hallucinations; they bond over addiction experiences and Barbara agrees to get clean. Red tries to reconnect with her real family, and learns her husband is having an affair; full of vengeance, she quickly climbs into Carol's inner circle. Piper gains Carol's permission for kickball but gets no takers until Maria signs the church ladies; Carol then demands her people form an opposing team. Caputo is deposed ahead of Taystee's trial, admitting that she did break his nose. Black Cindy suffers back pains from guilt, she starts to confess but instead tells Taystee she has a teenaged daughter. Caputo and Figueroa continue to run-out their relationship. However, he quits MCC when Linda tells him to hold the company line. Aleida refuses to smuggle drugs for Daya until she is evicted and forced into domesticity with Hopper.
7510"Chocolate Chip Nookie"Ludovic LitteeCarolina PaizCarol & BarbJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Aleida has been using Hopper as an unwitting mule to bring drugs into the prison in the false bottom of a food-supplement container, but as the weight is increased he discovers the tampering. The inmate league has seen little action since segregating the blocks, so Luschek agrees to an interblock kickball championship in the field. In warmups, Piper is confirmed as C Block captain over Badison. Gloria continues to be harassed, and is transferred to D block with Daya and Maria. Barbara achieves 30 days of sobriety, and with new clarity plots to kill Carol, who she blames for spiking her drugs. Black Cindy makes an anonymous call to Caputo, provoking him into questioning a suspicious CERT member; Figueroa advises him to instead work the PR campaign. Frieda apologizes for misleading Suzanne and explains the feud.

Flashback: In 1982 West Virginia, high schoolers Barb and Carol kill their younger sister whose gymnastics training was causing the family to move. In Litchfield, an argument over an anecdote led to their separation and the block feud.
7611"Well This Took a Dark Turn"Laura PreponAnthony NatolinoneJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
Hopper confronts Aleida with the drugs but nearing 10 years at Litchfield, he decides to smuggle full containers for three months. Badison vomits when Piper has her team run sprints. Badison tries to extend Piper's sentence by planting drugs on her and to cancel kickball by injuring a teammate. Carol paid to have Frieda killed, stunning Red. Suzanne and Pennsatucky find Gladys had a large commissary deposit, and when Gladys uses one of Carol's idioms, Frieda cuts her own arm to frame Gladys. Barbara sends her gang to kill Carol and her lieutenants at the salon; Nicky joins as a lookout to warn Red, but her message is intercepted and a guard takes Carol into protective custody. Nicky talks her way out of suspicion, having testified against Red. Caputo asks Sophia to join a lawsuit with other inmates wronged by MCC, but Linda offers settlements and early release to everyone he'd visited; Sophia agrees and signs a non-disclosure agreement. Maria is inspired by Blake to be a good person until Beth admits to attacking her. Black Cindy testifies against Taystee, told that changing her story now would make her an unreliable witness. Aiming for league points, Copeland locks Barbara in Carol's cell.
7712"Double Trouble"Clark JohnsonHilary Weisman GrahamnoneJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
Barbara and Carol agree to a truce, then each declare war to their blocks. Caputo tells Taystee that she has a chance if she can win over the jury. McCullough snaps after a kickball bursts. Alex asks Badison to leave Piper alone but instead Badison hires Hellman to frame Piper. To keep Badison in line, Alex agrees to work for Carol. Hellman gives a fraudulent incident report to Hopper, to whom Piper had promised to inform on drug activities. Deciding that Piper is an unnecessary risk to his own drug operation, Hopper destroys the report and puts Piper at the top of Linda's new inmate-ranking system so that she'll be released at the end of the week. Gloria helps with Flaca's radio show in order to warn Luschek about the impending block war, but Luschek is called away for Linda's marketing campaign as MCC is rebranded PolyCon Corrections. While writing him a note, Gloria discovers Luschek's fantasy inmate data and tries to expose it on the radio, which isn't broadcasting. Alvarez sends Gloria to solitary. Red has her first visitation with her grandchildren but ruins it to attack Frieda on her return from court.
7813"Be Free"Nick SandowBrian ChamberlayneCarol & BarbJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Piper, Sophia and Blanca are told they'll be released the next day, the day of the kickball championship, of Taystee's verdict, and the day fantasy inmate concludes. Piper and Alex are "prison married" by Nicky. Aleida is shocked to see Daya high on heroin, but continues supplying her eldest to save her younger children. Taystee is found guilty; Caputo confronts a CERT member, who punches him; Figueroa sets aside business to tend his wounds. Luschek visits Gloria who challenges him to stop the fight. Carol and Barbara meet in a closet; the war is a diversion for them to infiltrate B Block and kill Frieda. Maria has a change of heart and McCullough lets the captains pick new teams, mixing the blocks. When Badison signals the attack, Suzanne kicks a high ball and the inmates are caught in the excitement of the play. With no fight causing a lockdown, Barbara and Carol's antagonism results in their deaths, bumping Copeland from last to first in fantasy inmate. Pregnant Lorna is brought to medical in distress. Piper and Sophia are united with family members, but Blanca is immediately taken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, for which PolyCon is running a detention facility. Piper contemplates her freedom.

Flashback: The anecdote Carol and Barbara both claimed happened to them as waitresses (bringing a customer a newspaper after mishearing a request for a "glass of ice" as "classifieds") actually happened to a third waitress who told them the story.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

Guest stars[edit]

Recurring cast[edit]


  • Amanda Fuller as Madison "Badison" Murphy
  • Finnerty Steeves as Beth Hoefler
  • Alice Kremelberg as Nicole Eckelcamp
  • Vicci Martinez as Dominga "Daddy" Duarte
  • Laverne Cox as Sophia Burset
  • Ashley Bacon as Young Frieda Berlin
  • Henny Russell as Carol Denning
    • Ashley Jordyn as Young Carol Denning
  • Mackenzie Phillips as Barbara "Barb" Denning
    • Lauren Kelston as Young Barbara "Barb" Denning
  • Sipiwe Moyo as Adeola Chinede
  • Phumzile Sithole as Akers
  • Daniella De Jesus as Irene "Zirconia" Cabrera
  • Shannon Esper as Alana Dwight
  • Lori Petty as Lolly Whitehill
  • Christina Toth as Annalisa Damiva
  • Kana Hatakeyama as Charlene Teng
  • Reema Sampat as Shruti Chambal
  • Jo Lampert as Marie Brock
  • Shirley Roeca as Vazquez
  • Rebecca Knox as Tina Swope


  • Alysia Reiner as Natalie Figueroa, interim warden
  • Emily Tarver as CO Artesian McCullough
  • Susan Heyward as CO Tamika Ward
  • Nicholas Webber as CO Alvarez
  • Shawna Hamic as CO Copeland a.k.a. Ginger
  • Greg Vrotsos as CO Hellman
  • Mike Houston as CO Lee Dixon
  • James McMenamin as Charlie Coates
  • Josh Segarra as CO Stefanovic
  • Beth Dover as Linda Ferguson
  • Nick Dillenburg as CO Blake
  • Branden Wellington as CO Jarod Young
  • Hunter Emery as CO Rick Hopper


  • Michael J. Burg as Agent Mark Bellamy
  • Ali Ahn as Agent Nguyen
  • Alexander Wrigth as Vasily Reznikov
  • Miguel Izaguirre as Diablo
  • Karina Ortiz as Margarita


In February 2016, Netflix gave the series a three-season renewal, which included its sixth season.[5] For the sixth season, Laura Gómez, Matt Peters and Dale Soules were promoted to series regulars.


Critical response[edit]

The sixth season received positive reviews from critics, with most critics noting its improvement over the previous season. On Metacritic, it has a score of 69 out of 100 based on 14 reviews.[6] On Rotten Tomatoes, it has an 83% rating with an average score of 7.3 out of 10 based on 35 reviews. The site's critical consensus reads: "Brutality and humor continue to mesh effectively in a season of Orange Is the New Black that stands as a marked improvement from its predecessor, even if some arcs are more inspired than others."[7]


For the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, Laverne Cox received a nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series.[8]


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