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Orange Is the New Black (season 6)
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Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 13
Original network Netflix
Original release July 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
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List of Orange Is the New Black episodes

The sixth season of the American comedy-drama television series Orange Is the New Black premiered on Netflix on July 27, 2018, at 12:00 am PDT in multiple countries.[1] It consists of thirteen episodes, each between 50–84 minutes. The series is based on Piper Kerman's memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison (2010), about her experiences at FCI Danbury, a minimum-security federal prison. The series is created and adapted for television by Jenji Kohan.[2]

This season takes place in a maximum security prison, after the inmates incite a riot at Litchfield Penitentiary during the previous season, and the season deals with the fallout from the riot.[3] The main story arc of the season involves a gang-like war between two cell blocks which is sparked by the feud between two sisters. Meanwhile, the guards play a fantasy sport game called "fantasy inmate". Several supporting characters who appeared throughout the first five seasons are absent in this season due to change in setting, but this season introduces several new characters featured in maximum security.[4]


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byFeatured character(s)Original release date
661"Who Knows Better Than I"Michael TrimJenji KohanSuzanne & CindyJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Suzanne hallucinates about those who were captured during the riot. Meanwhile, those who were found in the bunker have been taken to Litchfield's maximum security prison but soon detectives interrogate everyone about Piscatella's death, starting off with Suzanne. The women soon face individual problems as a result of the aftermath as well as being emotionally and physically abused by the corrupt guards in the prison and facing new antagonistic inmates. The riot leaves Red frantic about her friends and wondering whether they will tell the truth or not, while Piper begins to worry about Alex after she was dragged away by guards in the chaos. Daya suffers abuse from the guards, while Gloria and Maria start a fight in the rec room, and are soon handcuffed and forced to kiss one another by the guards. Nicky struggles to deal with her father when she is forced to ask him to hire a lawyer to defend her. Piper learns that a prisoner died during the riot and fears it was Alex. Suzanne is released from questioning and brought to the prison which she realizes is not her "home" anymore.

Flashback: Flashbacks depict that Suzanne and Black Cindy hid from prisoners in the pool and that the CERT officers had covered up Piscatella's death to make it look like one of the inmates had killed him. Suzanne and Black Cindy are caught eventually. On the bus to max however, Red comes with a story that Piscatella brought them to the pool to torture them. Suzanne snaps when she is instructed to lie about what they saw, but Cindy insists she do so out of fear of that the guards who did kill Piscatella will kill them.
672"Sh*tstorm Coming"Mark A. BurleyBrian ChamberlayneCindyJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Federal authorities file charges over the riot, with two inmates getting life sentences for killing the guards, including Daya, who pleads guilty to second-degree murder for Humphrey. Three more will get 10 years for inciting the riot including Taystee. Meanwhile, Caputo, who is on paid suspension over the riot, reconnects with Figueroa, but learns that she has taken his position as interim warden. Piper learns that her new cellmate, Beth, murdered her three children and that Madison "Badison" Murphy is the C-block bully. CO Coates is revealed to have run away with Pennsatucky and hidden her in the trunk of the car, but when he drives Dixon to his sister's, Dixon finds a road trip itinerary and—mistaking it for a bucket list—demands to come along. Gloria intends to frame Maria for what she did in the riot, but Ruiz tells an opposing story to the authorities; Gloria invents a religious holiday to get Blanca to corroborate her version. Black Cindy attempts to warn Taystee about the plan to frame her for Piscatella's death, but her prints are found on the gun. Black Cindy accidentally reveals that Taystee was the one who had the gun, and the agents reveal that they will grant immunity for testimony they can use.

Flashback: Flashbacks show Black Cindy during her teenage years, where she is used by a boy for sex. She is hurt when he sticks up for his real girlfriend Jasmine instead of Black Cindy when his friends mock her. When she gets pregnant, her parents demand to know the father's identity, something that she will not tell them, as she thinks they will ruin her chance with him. After her daughter's birth, Cindy ignores her child and frequently silences out the cries with music. Cindy watches her mother hold her daughter and sneaks out of the house.
683"Look Out for Number One"Erin FeeleyHilary Weisman GrahamFrieda, Carol & BarbJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Linda is finally released but not before her head is shaved following a lice outbreak. She threatens to sue MCC for $10 million for her ordeal, unless they triple her salary and give her a promotion to senior vice president. In Litchfield Max, the inmates soon begin to realize the power structure that takes place among the prison with D Block being ruled by an older yet powerful inmate named Barbara, who orders others to steal the toiletries of the new inmates. It is revealed that B Block, dubbed "Florida" for its many elderly inmates, is the mildest and thus safest place to be amidst a decade-old feud between C Block and D Block. Daya continues to receive unprovoked beatings from the guards, and an inmate named "Daddy" tries to befriend her and gives her oxycodone for her injuries. Nicky discovers that her father is engaged to her lawyer and even has two children with her. Authorities threaten to add 70 years to Nicky's sentence for raiding the pharmacy during the riot. Trying to warn her about Piscatella, Red sends a message to Piper ("Tall one killed in pool"), but Piper misinterprets this to mean Alex. Devastated, Piper tells the authorities what they want to hear, that Red lured Piscatella to the pool, as does Frieda, who exchanges stares with an old enemy, Carol. Frieda is relieved to be taken to "Florida" where she reunites with Suzanne.

Flashback: In the 1980s, a young Frieda Berlin is in Litchfield Max and runs a secret black market with Carol, whose sister, Barbara, runs a rival market in the prison. After a confrontation with Barbara over property, both Frieda and Carol return to find that most of their stash has been stolen and immediately assume that it was Barbara. During a game of kickball with the inmates, Carol soon starts a brawl and upon pinning Barbara to the ground, she learns that her sister was not the one who stole their stash but that it was Frieda instead. Frieda brings the stolen items to the warden and as a reward, is brought to Litchfield minimum security prison.
694"I'm the Talking Ass"Phil AbrahamTami SagherNickyJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Pressured to turn on Red, Nicky does not know what to do. Red, thinking she will only get a slightly shorter sentence, convinces Nicky to take the deal even if it means more time for her. Released from prison and trying to get her children out of foster care, Aleida struggles to find work and ends up hawking dietary shakes and supplements. Caputo faces a transfer to the Missouri State Penitentiary, a place so depressing the previous warden killed himself. Taystee, accused of killing Piscatella, begs Caputo for help, but he says he tried to help her during the riot and cannot do anything else for her. The COs play a "Fantasy Inmate" game where the inmates on their fantasy teams earn points for various infractions and incidents.

Flashback: Fed up with her divorced parents' selfish behavior, the well-behaved Nicky snaps during her bat mitzvah ceremony. Inspired by her Torah portion of Balaam's Talking Ass, Nicky mocks God for the Holocaust and her parents for neglecting her while comparing herself to the donkey who suddenly found its voice after enduring abuse. Afterward, her parents berate her while arguing with each other over who has to take her home.
705"Mischief Mischief"Andrew McCarthyAnthony NatolinoneJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
Daddy instructs her D Block gang to release rats in the cheese-packaging facility in the hopes it will get C Block fired and D Block will get the better work assignments there. It backfires when the rat infestation hits the newspapers and the cheese company cancels its work contract with the prison. Along with their chance for better jobs, Daddy and Hellman, a corrupt guard, lose the route they were using to smuggle in Oxycodone. Pennsatucky decides to give herself up and turns herself in at a small police station.
716"State of the Uterus"Constantine MakrisMerritt TierceDaddyJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

In retaliation for the rat prank, Badison convinces her gang to defecate on D Block's laundry. Daddy tells her gang, suffering from opiate withdrawal, that it was C Block who ruined their drug connection. Flaca is intent on hosting a talk show on the prison radio, but must find a co-host. Flaca and Black Cindy (a.k.a. Tova) dub themselves "Flava" and host a radio show, Flava to the Max. Gloria fears she is going through menopause and decides to follow the doctor's advice by exercising. Taystee pleads guilty to inciting a riot but not guilty to murder and discovers activists from Black Lives Matter and the ACLU are rallying for her cause, after news of Poussey's death spreads.

Flashback: Daddy was once a madam at an escort agency/prostitution ring catering to successful Latino businessmen. One of her girls is killed by a John at a party, and she covers it up and disposes of her body.
727"Changing Winds"Andrew McCarthyHeather Jeng BladtBadisonJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Carol holds Badison accountable for Daddy's prank that cost them their cushy jobs, and makes her persona non grata. Badison tries to restore her status by finding a new guard to smuggle in drugs. After talking to Alex, who points out that other contraband is more valuable, she recruits Luschek. Someone tries to drown Ruiz in a toilet and, accused of trying to commit suicide, she is sent to psych, where a nurse tries to convince her to find religion. Linda returns to Litchfield in her capacity as MCC Senior VP, and Pennsatucky threatens to tell everyone she had sex with Boo unless she gets transferred to B Block. Blanca frets that she will never have a baby, and Nicky convinces her it is possible to artificially inseminate herself. Caputo and Figueroa have a real date before he leaves for Missouri, and she is surprised by her feelings. Piper discovers old photos of inmates from C Block and D Block playing kickball together. While several D Block inmates suffer from withdrawals, Daya steals Barbara's personal stash from Daddy's hiding place. Daddy confronts her and threatens her, but Daya, high, kisses her. Luschek and Badison smuggle in cellphones. When Badison is shivved in the yard by a junkie, she hurriedly gives a phone to Alex.

Flashback: Bullied all her life, Badison begins to act up and is expelled from her Boston high school. She is sent to a boot camp for troubled teens, where she is still bullied. Trying to impress the other girls, she accidentally lights another girl on fire, severely burning her.
738"Gordons"Sian HederVera SantamariaTaystee & TamikaJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Alex is unwittingly sucked into the C Block smuggling ring. Red, who was blamed for Frieda's bunker, is infuriated that Frieda is living the "good life" in B Block, where they get fresh fruit, pudding and yogurt. Red discovers Carol is Frieda's old nemesis. Now romantically involved, Daddy pushes Daya to connect with anyone she knew from minimum security at C Block in order to get opiates. Daya convinces Blanca, who is looking for help smuggling in her boyfriend Diablo's semen. Daya gets assigned janitorial duties in the visitors' area, where Diablo leaves his semen after masturbating into a condom. A journalist interviews Taystee, who details the abuse and harassment inmates suffer at the hands of the COs, while COs Ward and Hellman overhear. Piper schemes to bring kickball back. Blanca and Daya trade the oxycontin and condom, but Daya gets jumped by C Block inmates who steal most of the oxy. Nicky successfully "deposits" the semen in Blanca in the library, but looks up to see the same inmates who jumped Daya, angry that Blanca broke the rules against fraternizing with D Block.

Flashback: Years before she became a prison guard, Tamika Ward worked with Taystee at Storky's, a fast-food restaurant. Late one night after closing, they smoke a joint but forget to lock the door and get robbed at gunpoint. When Taystee lies and says she cannot open the register that late or it would activate the security cameras, the robber steals her new Air Jordan 8 shoes instead. Tamika is impressed with Taystee's quick thinking, and Taystee reveals that there are no security cameras but she did not want to call the police or else she and Tamika would be arrested for being high and accused of stealing the money. She also reveals that her Jordans were actually "Gordons"—counterfeit.
749"Break the String"Nick SandowKirsa ReinnoneJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
Gloria takes over aerobics classes from the ineffective Luschek and begins teaching Latin dance. When dancing with Luschek, he gets an erection, enraging Zirconia, who has a crush on Luschek. Zirconia convinces Badison that Gloria is plotting against her by wooing Luschek, and Badison threatens Gloria to stop teaching her classes. Trying to reconnect with her real family, Red learns her husband is dating someone. Barbara threatens Daddy, who slips her bath salts instead of her usual oxycodone. Barbara ends up in medical with Nicky, who was beaten up in the library with Blanca. When Barbara sobers up, Nicky convinces her to get clean. Caputo is deposed for Taystee's case and is forced to admit she punched him in the face. When Linda insults him for helping Taystee over MCC, he quits. Daya tries to talk Aleida into helping her smuggle drugs into the prison. Aleida initially responds with anger, but reconsiders after being evicted. Aleida moves in with Hopper, the supervising CO, whom she has been dating. Piper successfully gets kickball reinstated.
7510"Chocolate Chip Nookie"Ludovic LitteeCarolina PaizCarol & BarbJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Hopper unwittingly smuggles drugs into Litchfield each day through his canisters of herbal shake powder, which Daya retrieves from the trash. Barb gets her 30-day sobriety chip, thanks to Nicky. Black Cindy calls Caputo and tells him that Taystee is being framed for Piscatella's death, and he should look into CERT as the true culprits. When he approaches one of the CERT members and asks questions, the officer's defensive stance makes Caputo suspicious. When Daya pushes Aleida to increase the amount of drugs coming in, the weight leads to Hopper discovering the stash when he goes to throw out an empty can.

Flashback: In 1982 West Virginia, high schoolers Barb and Carol plot to get rid of their younger sister, Debbie, whom they resent when the family plans to move to Plano, Texas for her gymnastics training. Late one night, they lock her in the car and push it into a freezing lake, where it immediately sinks. In Litchfield, their argument over a funny story (which they both claim happened to them) leads to the sisters being separated and the beginning of the block feud.
7611"Well This Took a Dark Turn"Laura PreponAnthony NatolinoneJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
As Barb plots to finally murder Carol and take out her supporters, Nicky worries for Red. She tries to alert Red but her note is intercepted by a CO, and Carol is taken into administrative segregation. When Hopper confronts Aleida about the drug smuggling, she accuses him of having low expectations for being satisfied with his menial job. After realizing he has been at Litchfield for nearly 10 years, he decides to help her for three months only, during which time they will fill the whole can with drugs to smuggle in. Black Cindy tells her lawyer the story she told was not true, but he urges her not to make things worse for herself, saying it is impossible for her to help Taystee. At Taystee's trial, she testifies against her. Suzanne and Pennsatucky try to figure out who in B Block is secretly planning to kill Frieda on Carol's instructions. Badison, outraged when Piper stands up to her and is made captain of their kickball team, plots revenge. At prayer group, Beth confesses to Ruiz that she was the one who tried to drown her in the toilet, saying she just sometimes has compulsions. Angered, Ruiz leaves the group. Caputo encourages Sophia to sue MCC for her time in solitary, but Linda discovers this and offers her a $300,000 settlement and possible early release, which Sophia takes. Eager to get points for her fantasy team, CO Copeland a.k.a. Ginger locks Barb and Carol together in a cell.
7712"Double Trouble"Clark JohnsonHilary Weisman GrahamnoneJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)
Barb and Carol ignore each other locked overnight in the cell, but declare war the next day. Caputo tries to cheer up Taystee before her testimony and convince her that she has a chance if she can win over the jury. Badison aims to get Piper's stay at Litchfield extended and plants drugs in her shoe. Piper informs Hopper, alarming him, and offers to be his snitch and find out who is bringing drugs in. Badison arranges for Hellman to get a blowjob from two Asian inmates in exchange for writing up a false incident report against Piper. Alex complains to Carol about Badison and reveals that she is the one behind the contraband idea, and agrees to work for her in exchange for Badison leaving Piper alone. It is too late as Hellman has already written up a fake incident report of Piper assaulting Badison and gives it to Hopper. MCC rebrands itself "PolyCon" and seeks to rebuild its image with a marketing campaign. Gloria offers to help Flaca with the radio show while Black Cindy is testifying against Taystee. Gloria discovers the "Fantasy Inmate" game and reveals it over the radio, only to be told the radio was not on, and she is sent to SHU. Red's son finally brings his two children to see her, but when she sees Frieda and attacks her, she ruins her first chance to meet her grandchildren and is sent to SHU. Instead of entering the fake infraction into the system, Hopper tears it up now knowing that Piper is being targeted, and instead modifies her record to put her among the top 25 inmates who are getting released early.
7813"Be Free"Nick SandowBrian ChamberlayneCarol & BarbJuly 27, 2018 (2018-07-27)

Piper, Sophia and Blanca discover they are getting early release the next day. Piper and Alex get "prison married" with Nicky officiating, and Piper makes Alex vow to get out of prison. Diablo is overjoyed that Blanca is getting out. Aleida is shocked to visit Daya and see her high on heroin, but she realizes that if she stops smuggling in the drugs, someone else will do it, and she needs to get her other children out of foster care. At trial, Taystee is found guilty of murder in the second degree for Piscatella's death. Caputo confronts the CERT member he spoke with earlier, who punches him. Carol and Barb meet in a closet and get dressed in the pink garb of B Block, as the "war" they have declared during the kickball game is merely a distraction to allow them to sneak in and kill Frieda, their mutual enemy of 35 years. Ruiz begs the guard to let the captains pick new teams so the blocks are not playing each other. When Carol and Barb do not show up, the inmates get caught up in the game and do not act when Badison gives the attack signal. Carol and Barb, waiting for lockdown from the planned fight, turn on each other and end up killing each other. Lorna, seven months pregnant, begins feeling intense stomach pains and is led to medical with her crotch covered in blood. Piper and Sophia are greeted by relatives upon their release, but Blanca is devastated when she is handed over to ICE to be sent to PolyCon's new immigration detention centre. Piper looks out of the car window and contemplates on what she will do now that she is free.

Flashback: The flashback reveals that the funny story Carol and Barb both claimed happened to them as waitresses (bringing a customer a newspaper after mishearing a request for a "glass of ice" as "classifieds") actually happened to neither, as another waitress told them both the story.

Cast and characters[edit]

Main cast[edit]

Special guest stars[edit]

Recurring cast[edit]


  • Amanda Fuller as Madison "Badison" Murphy
  • Finnerty Steeves as Beth Hoefler
  • Alice Kremelberg as Nicole Eckelcamp
  • Vicci Martinez as Dominga "Daddy" Duarte
  • Laverne Cox as Sophia Burset
  • Ashley Bacon as Young Frieda Berlin
  • Henny Russell as Carol Denning
    • Ashley Jordyn as Young Carol Denning
  • Mackenzie Phillips as Barbara "Barb" Denning
    • Lauren Kelston as Young Barbara "Barb" Denning
  • Sipiwe Moyo as Adeola
  • Daniella De Jesus as Irene "Zirconia" Cabrera
  • Shannon Esper as Alana Dwight
  • Lori Petty as Lolly Whitehill
  • Christina Toth as Annalisa Damiva
  • Kana Hatakeyama as Charlene Teng
  • Reema Sampat as Shruti Chambal
  • Jo Lampert as Marie Brock
  • Shirley Roeca as Vazquez
  • Rebecca Knox as Tina Swope


  • Alysia Reiner as Natalie Figueroa
  • Emily Tarver as CO Artesian McCullough
  • Susan Heyward as CO Tamika Ward
  • Nicholas Webber as CO Alvarez
  • Mike Houston as Lee Dixon
  • James McMenamin as Charlie Coates
  • Josh Segarra as CO Stefanovic
  • Beth Dover as Linda Ferguson
  • Nick Dillenburg as CO Blake
  • Branden Wellington as CO Jarod Young


  • Ali Ahn as Agent Nguyen
  • Alexander Wrigth as Vasily Reznikov
  • Miguel Izaguirre as Diablo
  • Karina Ortiz as Margarita


In February 2016, Netflix gave the series a three-season renewal, which included its sixth season.[5] For the sixth season, Laura Gómez, Matt Peters and Dale Soules were promoted to series regulars.


The sixth season received positive reviews from critics, with most critics noting its improvement over the previous season. On Metacritic, it has a score of 69 out of 100 based on 14 reviews.[6] On Rotten Tomatoes, it has an 84% rating with an average score of 7.3 out of 10 based on 32 reviews. The site's critical consensus reads: "Brutality and humor continue to mesh effectively in a season of Orange Is the New Black that stands as a marked improvement from its predecessor, even if some arcs are more inspired than others."[7]


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