Order of Jamaica

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Order of Jamaica
Order of Jamaica.jpg
TypeSingle grade Order
Awarded forOutstanding distinction
Presented by Jamaica
EligibilityJamaicans; also, foreigners may be given honorary membership
Motto"For a covenant of the people"
Order of Jamaica (neck ribbon).png
Neck ribbon of the order
Order of Jamaica.gif
Ribbon of the order
Next (higher)Order of Merit
Next (lower)Order of Distinction

The Order of Jamaica is the fifth of the six orders in the Jamaican honours system.[1] The Order was established in 1969, and it is considered the equivalent of a knighthood in the British honours system.[2]

Membership in the Order can be conferred upon any Jamaican citizen of outstanding distinction. Honorary membership in the Order can be conferred upon any distinguished citizen of a country other than Jamaica.

Members and Honorary Members are entitled to:[3]

The motto of the Order is "For a covenant of the people".

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