Order of Saint Januarius

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Order of Saint Januarius
Ster en kleinood van de Orde van Sint-Januarius.jpg
Star and Badge of the Order
Awarded by the Kingdom of Two Sicilies
Type Dynastic order of knighthood
Motto IN SANGUINE FOEDUS (English: Union in Blood)
First Grandmaster Charles VII of Naples
Grandmaster (disputed)
Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro
Infante Carlos, Duke of Calabria
Established 3 July 1738[1]
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George
IT TSic Order Santo Gennaro BAR.svg
Ribbon of the Order

The Illustrious Royal Order of Saint Januarius (Italian: Insigne Reale Ordine di San Gennaro) is a Roman Catholic order of knighthood bestowed by the head of the Royal House of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies. It was the last great dynastic collar order to be constituted as a chivalric fraternity, with a limitation to Roman Catholics, and a direct attachment to the dynasty rather than the state. The founder of the Order, Charles VII of Naples, ruled from 1734 until 1759.

Structure of the order[edit]

Originally the order had four principal officers whose duties were to administer its affairs:

  • Chancellor
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Master of Ceremonies

These duties were limited by a reform of August 17, 1827 to certain ceremonial roles at the installation of knights, and no successors were appointed to the then holders of these offices.

The order today[edit]

Decoration with collar (left) and with sash and star (right)

The order continues to be awarded today by the two claimaints for the headship of the royal House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Prince Pedro, Duke of Noto and Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro.

Since 1960, the order has been awarded sparingly and total membership has not exceeded eighty, most of the knights being members of royal houses, senior officers of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George or Italian grandees.


As of 2014[2] the Knights were

  • Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro and Grand Master,
  • Francesco Maria of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • Gennaro Maria of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • Luigi Alfonso Maria of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • Alessandro Enrico Maria of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • Casimiro Maria of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • Antonio Maria of Bourbon Two Sicilies
  • Matthew Festing, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta,
  • Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza,
  • Renato Raffaele Cardinal Martino
  • Count Andrzej Ciechanowiecki
  • Ambassador Count Carlo Marullo di Condojanni, Prince of Casalnuovo,
  • Duke and Count Don Ferdinando Gaetani dell’Aquila d’Aragona, Prince of Piedmont, Duke of Laurenzana, Count of Alife,
  • Duke Francesco d’Avalos, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Marquess of Pescara and Vasto,
  • Prince Filippo Massimo, Prince of Arsoli and Duke of Anticoli Corrado,
  • Prince Carlo Cito Filomarino, Prince of Rocca d’Aspro, Prince of Bitetto, Marquess of Torrecuso,
  • Prince Gregorio Carafa Cantelmo Stuart, Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Prince of Roccella, Duke of Bruzzano,
  • Don Roberto Caracciolo, Duke of San Vito,
  • Prince Giovanni Battista de’Medici, Prince of Ottajano, Duke of Casalnuovo,
  • Simeon Carl Eugen Joseph Leopold Archduke of Austria,
Diego Madariaga wearing the mantle and insignia of the Order

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