Oregon Department of Human Services

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Oregon Department of Human Services
Agency overview
Formed 1971[1]
Jurisdiction U.S. state of Oregon
Headquarters Salem[2]
Employees 9,800 (approx.)[3]
Annual budget $10.8 billion (2007-2009)[4]
Agency executive
  • Erinn Kelley-Siel[5], Director
Child agencies
  • Administrative Services Division
  • Addictions and Mental Health Division
  • Children, Adults, and Families Division
  • Division of Medical Assistance Programs
  • Public Health Division
  • Seniors and People with Disabilities Division
Website www.oregon.gov/DHS/index.shtml

The Oregon Department of Human Services (or ODHS) is the primary health and human services agency of the government of the U.S. state of Oregon. The ODHS was established in 1971 as the Oregon Department of Human Resources but renamed in 1999.[1] Primary functions of the agency include providing public assistance programs, administering the Oregon Health Plan, providing addiction and vocational rehabilitation services, and managing services for seniors and people with disabilities. It contracts with county governments and other providers for some mental health and public health services. In addition, it operates the Oregon State Hospital, a psychiatric facility in Salem and the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory in Hillsboro.[6]

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