Orfanato Music Group

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Orfanato Music Group
Orfanato Music Group.png
Parent company Universal Music Group
Founded 2007
Founder Don Omar
Status Active
Distributor(s) Machete Music
Genre Reggaeton, bachata, hip hop
Country of origin United States
Location International
Official website orfanatomusicgroup.com

Orfanato Music Group (OMG) is a Puerto Rican record label in the music and performance production industry. OMG was created by William Landron, also known as Don Omar, in 2007. Orfanato Music Group is an independent record label, which represents artists. Its music repertoire is represented nationally and internationally within the Latino marketplace. Its strategy is to serve those interested in Latino music, including reggaeton, Latin hip hop, and bachata, amongst others.[1]



  • A&X (Alcover & Xtassy)
  • Robin
  • Link-On
  • Jumbo "El Que Produce Solo"
  • JY "El De La J"
  • Marcos G †

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